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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 8.14.13

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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 8.14.13


Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 8.14.13

Kansas Football

Weis singles out stars of KU football camp |

With all the other talent we have at running back, I had completely forgotten about Bourbon.  That backfield is ridiculous...

Charlie Weis should embrace risk with this year's Jayhawks | The Newell Post |

High risk = high reward.  Definitely true of signing all the juco players. Hopefully that mentality carries over to playcalling as well.

Cliff's notes: Charlie Weis press conference: Aug. 13 |

Still hate this format. I know it's a bit hypocritical because I essentially do the same thing, but I don't try to pass myself off as a journalist while doing it.

Jayhawks adjust autograph policies after A&M investigation |

Saw this one coming.

Big 12 conference must-have 2014 recruits - ESPN

Is an insider piece, so I can't see it.  But hopefully it has some nugget of info that we can't get from anywhere else. It might even be useful.

Kansas Basketball

College basketball 2013 Twitter State of the Union | One And One -

Other schools got wit or an interesting insight.  We got the same damn thing we've been hearing for months now.  Obviously the point made is nice, bit I was hoping for more.

Times, networks for Big 12/SEC Challenge - Men's College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

Really wish the games were closer together to make this feel like a real event.


Elite draft could mean special season ahead - Men's College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

Can NCAA enforcement pick up the pieces? - Men's College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

Offense is the word of choice for Big 12 - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

Big 12 perceptions, inside and outside - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

Perceptions of BCS conferences real or imagined -- college football - ESPN