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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 11.1.13

A candy-coma induced look around the day's interwebs.

John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

I think I still may be on a sugar high from last night.  If only we could give the football the energy and excitement from the 2000 or so kids we walked by during trick-or-treating last night...

Kansas Football

WR Coleman learning on Weis’ watch |

Weis also has noticed recent improvement from the receivers.

"You actually saw more route definition. They weren’t just running routes. They were competing for balls," Weis said. "And that isn’t a shot at the receivers or (receivers) coach (Rob) Ianello; it’s the extra pressure (of) the head coach being around you all the time. Now all of a sudden, you’ve got an extra set of eyes, and it happens to be the boss."

So then this begs two simple questions.  First, can you honestly tell me that  verything was just fine with the previous coaching and the players, but the added pressure of the boss watching them in practice all of a sudden started people getting better?  From previous accounts, it sounds like maybe the guys tried a bit harder, which is natural, but also that HCCW actually had to get in there and teach things that the receivers hadn't learned before.

Secondly, if we can all see past his attempt to repaint an insult as constructive criticism, why the hell is Rob Ianello our receivers coach?  If he needs the head coach to babysit his position, he shouldn't be on staff.  If he needed help, he should have asked for it earlier.

If it turns out that he tried to get help and HCCW was too busy doing too many things, then I'll retract my earlier criticism and instead add it to the list of things HCCW has screwed up. Until that comes out though, the ineptitude of the staff seems to be fairly widespread on offense.

Kansas City Star : Freshman Cozart already stalking the role of KU’s quarterback

But one day at Miege, physical education teacher David Eller saw Cozart bouncing around his gym class, chucking a football with incredible ease. Intrigued by the athletic freshman with the big arm, Eller went to look for Holmes.

"There’s this kid in my P.E. class, Montell Cozart," Eller told Holmes. "He’s gonna be our next good quarterback to come through here."

Given our recent history with highly-hyped QBs, I'm going to hold off on getting too excited until he can actually put it together on the field for us. However, I'm quite intrigued.

Opinion: For shot at upset, KU must run at UT |

Is it at all comforting that, because Texas runs the ball far more than it passes it, the clock will move faster? The shorter a game, the better the chance of an upset.

Didn’t do it for you? OK, try this: Texas needed a controversial call to escape Ames with a one-point victory against Iowa State. The Cyclones share a shortcoming with KU. They, too, have encountered offensive line troubles. But in the Texas game, ISU had received ample blocks to rush for 201 yards and pass for 262.

Definitely need the running game to get going early.  I expect Cozart most of the game because we will need his mobility.

Kansas basketball

Kansas men ranked fifth in preseason hoops poll |

This marks the fourth time in the last five seasons and eighth time in the 11-year Bill Self era the Jayhawks have opened the season No. 7 or better in the AP poll. Last year the Jayhawks were preseason No. 7 and finished No. 3 in the final poll released prior to the NCAA Tournament. KU has been ranked No. 7 or better 16 times since the 1992-93 season.

How former Jayhawks fared in NBA games of Oct. 31 |


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