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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.8.13

Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.8.13


Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.8.13

Kansas Football

KU football's Tony Pierson 'day-to-day' with head injury |

This would be a huge blow to any chances we have to look even partially competent in the next few games.  I hope he is alright.

KU-Oklahoma to kick off at 2:30 p.m., Oct. 19 |

I might actually get to watch this one.  Although I may regret turning it on almost immediately.

Big 12 unsung heroes: Week 6 - Big 12 Blog - ESPN

I'd have been OK with them leaving our spot blank as well...

Monday Rewind - Texas Tech: KU O-Line in need of drastic improvement | Tale of the Tait |

This is exactly what I talked about in the roundtable last week.  We have no push on the line of scrimmage.  Until we get the offensive line figured out, we stand absolutely no chance of fielding anything resembling an offense.

Kansas Basketball

No. 3 prospect Cliff Alexander tweets top 5 choices - ESPN Chicago

I don't see how we aren't on his list of 3 later this month.

Prep Oubre close to committing? |

The fact that he may be committing before his visit to Kentucky is encouraging.  With all these high level recruits looking close to committing here, are we turning into the next Kentucky-type team when it comes to recruiting?

KU to look into 'ways to improve' procedures for Late Night |

I've been to 4 of these, and even 10 years ago getting in to Late Night was crazy.  I've always maintained that tickets should go into a lottery system of some sort.


KU volleyball players honored again |

USC Trojans say impersonators are making calls about coaching job - ESPN Los Angeles

Texas Longhorns' Mike Davis sorry, says cut block 'wasn't that bad' - ESPN

Big 12 fourth in 2013 ESPN conference power rankings - ESPN

North Carolina Tar Heels tutor resigns, citing Roy Williams' decision to not dismiss P.J. Hairston - ESPN