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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.31.13

A (almost entirely) non-spooky look around the Halloween-day interwebs.

Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

My glorious return has arrived!  Thanks to warden and notkapowski for filling in for me. Today's sports news really only has 1 frightening event, and of course it is football related (although the thoughts of Boston fans celebrating today is  quite frightening).

Kansas Basketball

White’s work ethic evident in, after win |

"He’s worked his butt off. He’s the hardest worker we have," Self said. "Last year we thought he could shoot it. He struggled in other areas. He’s addressed every area head-first. He has to become a better rebounder, ballhandler; his passing skills need to get better. But he has a better understanding of how we want him to play every possession. He’s bigger, stronger, but he was pretty big and strong last year."

Definitely impressed by the progress he has made.  No chance he redshirts anymore.

Opinion: Wiggins has the tools, but the hype's unfair |

This article screams "I'm covering my ass so I can say 'I told you so' if he fails to live up to expectations." Everyone recognizes that the expectations are astronomical, and no one really expects him to live up to what NBA players do his first year in college.

But it's an undeniable fact that he has the ability to be just as great as everyone thinks he can be.  If he doesn't live up to them, there are plenty of possible explanations.  But that is a discussion for season end. Why Keegan feels the need to write this article now though is baffling

Cole shows speed, control for KU women in exhibition victory over PSU |

Cole’s standout play in the second half came at the 16:05 mark, as she raced up the court after a defensive stop, faked left with a big step before cutting back right to put in a layup over a crossed-up Pitt State defender. Afterwards, she even allowed herself to give a scream toward the crowd.

I'm pretty excited for women's basketball this year too.  I hope we can get some extra coverage of the team before tournament time, as I think we will be pleasantly surprised by them this year.

Kansas Football

New college football rules for recruiting and summer access and their impact on Kansas | Tale of the Tait |

• 3 • Establishing an extended dead period when no in-person recruiting can take place in December and January. For 2013-14, Dec. 16 through Jan. 15 is now a dead period.

This news is truly frightening, as it pretty much destroys the only advantage that non-bowl teams had in recruiting. Because you know, an extra few weeks is too much of an advantage for other schools (you know, the ones with winning programs) to overcome.

Weis: Heaps, Cozart co-existing |

Heaps' leadership was always sold as his best quality. Unfortunately, whether due to being exposed or being let down horribly by other offensive players, it seems to be the only good quality he has shown this year.

Can bottom five Big 12 football teams make a bowl game in 2013? - ESPN

In a word: no.


Twelve KU runners on academic lists |

KU volleyball swats Baylor |

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