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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.23.13

Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.23.13

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It's basketball season! With Media Day yesterday, we can officially start turning our focus towards basketball.  Although I guess we should keep track of football out of the corner of our eyes...

Kansas Football

Opinion: Noise needed to slow Bears |

I can't imagine our stadium being any louder than some that Baylor has already had to deal with.

Weis plans to continue focus on running game -

This is long overdue.  That is pretty much the only thing we have been able to do somewhat consistently this year, and we need to shorten games as much as possible.

KU installs Cozart as backup, change-up QB |

Now that we have him, use him. Often.

Kansas Basketball

KU's Andrew Wiggins takes center stage at Big 12 media day -

And the circus has begun.  Unfortunately, all the hype for Andrew will cause other players to be somewhat ignored.

Impressions: Big 12 media day - Men's College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN

It will be interesting to see how Baylor turns out this year. Again like to have a ton of talent, but their coaching will probably hold them back

Self: Rule changes may increase points, fouls |

I definitely like the new block/charge rule, but the hand check rule and two hands on a player rule are a bit ridiculous. There are already enough ticky-tack fouls in the game.  The only positive is it will make those calls consistent hopefully.

KU hoops notes: Despite frenzy, Self believes players will stay focused -

Self has a good track record of keeping the team focused, so I'm not too worried

One of a kind: Wiggins focused on own career, not comparisons |

Glad to see he is less concerned in hyping himself than hyping the team.  If the team does well this year, he will have plenty of chances to shine.

Video: KU's Wiggins comfortable being in spotlight -

Big 12 Media Day Wrap - ESPN Video - ESPN


Hanna leads KU men’s golf at N.M. |

Chat: Chat with Jake Trotter - SportsNation - ESPN

California junior college QB throws for 796 yards, 9 TDs in loss - ESPN

Penalties could have been much worse for Frank Haith - ESPN

Miami Hurricanes penalty shows that NCAA has lost its way - ESPN

Miami case shows how much perception of the NCAA has changed - College Football - Stewart Mandel -

Jackson State to sue Grambling over homecoming game | SI Wire