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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.2.13

Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.2.13


Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.2.13

Kansas Football

Opinion: Running on first down best bet for KU |

Normally I like to see an even distribution of runs and passes on first, with weighting to what is working in that particular game. But with our offense, running definitely seems like the best option.

Weis, Jayhawks well-aware of Big 12 loss streak |

I think this is the biggest difference between a Weis team and a Guy-Before-Weis team.  Regardless of how misguided you might think it is, this team having confidence will lead to a win where they shouldn't have had one. In fact you could argue that it already has.

KU punter Pardula impresses Chiefs’ Colquitt -

In not sure how much of it is the fact he is local, but when your college punter impresses the best punter in the NFL, it can only be a good thing.

KU football coach Charlie Weis previews this week's Homecoming match-up with Texas Tech (Press Conferences & Post-Game Interviews) |

Kansas Basketball

Selden: Late Night visit made impression |

Late night had an impression on me, and I didn't even play sports.  I imagine that any athlete that came to KU and attended Late Night will tell you it played a big part in their decision.


KU women golfers fourth in Austin |

KU men’s golf finishes second at Madison |

Report: Lawyer starting firm to represent college athletes | SI Wire

Chat: Chat with Jake Trotter - SportsNation - ESPN

DeLoss Dodds turned Texas athletics into financial empire - ESPN

Government shutdown threatens cancellation of college football games involving service academies - ESPN

Cincinnati Reds vs. Pittsburgh Pirates - Recap - October 01, 2013 - ESPN