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Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.16.13

Kansas Jayhawks News and Notes 10.16.13


Got a lot of good links today, including one about a man representing behind enemy lines.

Kansas Football

Charlie Weis announces shakeup with way KU offense is coordinated |

I appreciate that HCCW is at least considering changes in coaching.  I think that ultimately he needs to hand the coordinating off to someone else and focus on the head coaching part of the job.  This fits into his promise of trying whatever it takes to get the offense going.

Opinion: Mid-season change an encouraging step for Weis, KU football |

I definitely agree this is encouraging, but I'm not going to call this a wholesale change.  Essentially, this is like an owner of a restaurant saying the kitchen is taking on a whole new direction when the only change made is who does the prep work in the morning.  The beginning may look a bit different, but ultimately, you are likely to get the same dish as before.

Kansas Jayhawks Charlie Weis shaking up the offense - ESPN

Even given what I said above, this "shake-up" almost feels like a way to shift  blame. If the offense continues to perform poorly, he can say that it must not have been him, since these other guys couldn't do it either.  If it works out, he can still take some credit since he has final say.  I'm not sure if he would actually do this, but it definitely stinks.

Midseason report: Kansas Jayhawks - ESPN

Unfortunately, I think we would need to pull a couple upsets for Heeney to win DPOY.

Kansas Basketball

Notebook: Wiggins hyped as top baller, brand |

Shoe contracts are ridiculous these days...  It's nice to see Oubre repping the team.

Rick Pitino, John Calipari, Bill Self among coaches torn on rule changes for 2013-14 season - ESPN

I get the feeling that there will be a lot of foul outs early in the year.  Should give us a good chance to look at our depth though. And Big East games will have even more fouls.


KU men’s golf places ninth in Indiana |

KU bowling takes 6th in Mid-States Tournament |

Chat: Chat with Max Olson - SportsNation - ESPN

Bob Stoops of Oklahoma Sooners still stinging from loss to Texas Longhorns - ESPN

ESPNFC: Soccer U.S. wins, keeps Mexico's hopes alive

Missouri appeals court sides with KU fan over anti-Mizzou license plate -