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Kansas Jayhawk Football

Super Bowl Open Game Thread

Kansas Falls to Arkansas 55-53 in the Liberty Bowl

An impressive comeback falls short in 3 OT

Kansas vs Arkansas: Open Game Thread

2022 Liberty Bowl

How to Watch: Kansas vs Arkansas

Gametime, channel, radio and more for the Liberty Bowl

K-State Slices Kansas, 47-27

Kansas ends the regular season 6-6

Kansas at Kansas State: Open Game Thread

Rock chalk!

How to Watch: Kansas at Kansas State

Lets get it

Texas Destroys Kansas, 55-14

That was ugly

Texas at Kansas: Open Game Thread

Lets get it

How to Watch: Texas at Kansas

We aren’t a meme anymore

View from the Couch: Texas Tech 

TLDR: Never really felt like KU was going win

Texas Tech Filibusters Kansas 43-28

Kansas falls to 6-4

Kansas @ Texas Tech: Open Game Thread

lets get to 7 wins!

How to Watch: Kansas at Texas Tech

Everything you need for today’s game

View from the Stands: Oklahoma State

It was a beautiful day, Don’t let it get away, Beautiful day

Kansas Mauls Oklahoma State 37-16

The Kansas Jayhawks are bowl eligible

How to Watch: Oklahoma State at Kansas

Kansas hopes to bounce back

Stock Up, Stock Down: Post Baylor

Trading was light on the market this week

View form the Couch: Baylor

That 2021 feeling continues

Kansas vs Baylor: Time, Channel, Preview

How to watch Kansas Jayhawks vs Baylor Bears

Big 12 Football Power Rankings: 10.20.2022

I love winning, I can take the losing, but most of all I love to play.

Stock Up, Stock Down: Post OU

Even in a down market, there are winner and losers

View from the Couch: OU

Help me Obi Wan Kenobi, err Mason Fairchild. You’re my only hope.

Oklahoma Mauls Kansas 52-42

Kansas drops to 5-2

Kansas at Oklahoma: Open Game Thread

Big 12 Football Power Rankings, 10.13.2022

How far the mighty have fallen

Stock Up, Stock Down

Buy the rumor, sell the news

View from the Stands: TCU

Refs, over-involved or under-involved, which do you prefer?

TCU Mauls Kansas 38-31

Kansas falls to 5-1

TCU Horned Frogs at Kansas Jayhawks: Open Game Thread


How to Watch: TCU at Kansas

Can the Jayhawks go 6-0?

Jayhawks Maul Hawkeyes

Thank god for college kickers