Mangino Could Cost 6.6 Million


Guess this is probably why nothing has happened yet. That's a big ticket to pay, I'm guessing Lew and the others are double-checking all claims to make sure they can't lose this one.

Rock Chalk Sports Talk


Jon Cornish and Joe Mortensen on the show today. I've heard Jon's story and it's worth listening too. Not sure if Joe will have anything new to say or not. Should be interesting though. Just another point of view if anyone is still interested.

HipHop with the Goods on Mango v Arist


Our friend HipHopopotamus over at Oread Boom Kings gives an account of how the wheels got turning.

Weekly Pick 'em


Apologies on the lack of recap and getting this up. Chasing a few things this week and a little bit distracted by a small issue going on with the football program.

Mangino Press Conference Audio


Thanks to Bensa for catching this early. I can't bump to the front page so I thought I'd throw a new fanshot up for discussion on the topic. Live audio from the presser courtesy Jayhawkslant. Looks to be free content from the guys over at rivals.

Anybody know what this is about?


This sounds serious. Denver? Rivet? Labba? Anybody have any idea what's going on with this?

Comparing X and John Wall's Debuts


It's shocking how much better X was.

Harrison Barnes Announcement Open Game Thread


Harrison Barnes, All-American basketball player and typical good guy, makes his decision today on which school he will be attending after college. Kansas is one of his options. I really, really want him. So if you have any Harrison Barnes-related thoughts or something, put them here. His other options are Iowa State, Oklahoma, UCLA, North Carolina or Duke. Choose Kansas, Harrison. Please?

Nice article on TRob


Best quote from the article, though, has nothing to do with Robinson. Bill Self on Darnell Jackson: "I recruited Darnell (Jackson) because I liked his smile and he had a nice butt, to be honest with you. We knew that it’d be hard to get around him on the post." Takes a fair amount of moxie to admit you recruited a guy because of his smile and his butt. Seriously, though, Robinson seems like the real deal. Very impressive so far...

ESPN article on "Memorial" Stadiums


Good article about some very deserving people.