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Champions Classic: Kansas vs. Michigan State

Kansas and Michigan State square off Tuesday night in the Champions Classic in Atlanta.

Kansas Loses To Michigan St in Champions Classic

Kansas dropped a close game in Atlanta against a top 25 opponent in Michigan State

Champions Classic: Kansas vs. Mich St Open Thread

Champions Classic: Kansas vs. Michigan State Open Game Thread

Kansas vs. Michigan State: Tipoff Vitals

A quick preview with key injuries, strengths and weaknesses to date for Kansas and Michigan State

Kansas vs. MSU: Five ?'s with 'The Only Colors'

Talking Kansas vs. Michigan State and the Champions Classic with SB Nation Michigan State blog 'The Only Colors'

Will the Champions Classic Produce a Champ Again?

Kansas takes on Michigan State tonight in the second year of the Champion's Classic

Kevin Young will play vs. Michigan State

Kansas gets a big boost ahead of their Champions Classic clash on Tuesday