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Notebook: Kansas Mauls Preparing for Houston

Water bill, third notice. Jury duty, third notice. Mortgage bill… Ooh. Second notice.

Oklahoma State v Kansas Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

A quick survey of the 2024 KU football schedule, Part 1 - KU Sports
The Kansas football schedule has been out for days now, and while much of the focus has remained on the home venues, there will indeed be at least 12 games — yes, two of them at Children’s Mercy Park and four at Arrowhead Stadium — to be played in the fall of 2024.

KU working through parking and transportation logistics for Kansas City games - KU Sports
“We’re working closely with our student government leadership here, and Turner Seals, the student body president, and making sure we’re looking at all options for busing” to the games, Booker said, noting the possibility of “discounted to free” parking and transportation options for students.

Clemence honing strength, versatility during unusual redshirt year - KU Sports
“I don’t know that I totally agree with that,” Self said. “I think Zach’s just a player. I think you can play him pretty much anywhere.”

Eraser Dust

Elon Musk bashed by heavy metal drummer who cost him $56 billion
Tornetta also turned up in videos drumming at the legendary former New York club CBGB with his now-defunct metal band "Dawn of Correction", which described its sound as "a swift kick to the face with a steel-toed work boot."

Is Taylor Swift a Biden psyop? Here's the far-right's 'evidence' | The Independent
The outlandish idea that Taylor Swift’s all-American fairytale romance with a top football star is really an ingenious Democrat “psyop” (psychological operation) intended to brainwash millions of people into backing Mr Biden actually appears to have been gaining traction for weeks prior to the present blow-up.

“Jimmy Page once said to me, ‘Have Gibson not been onto you?’ And I said, ‘No, maybe I play too many Strats…’” – John Squire on the signature guitar that never was and why he's going on tour with a Kemper | MusicRadar
John Squire is back where he belongs; his new album with Liam Gallagher is a glorious showcase of his playing as he confidently strides on the line between songsmith and guitar hero. He's Guitarist magazine's cover star this month, where they visit him at home with his key guitars for unrivalled access. While they're there, Squire fields a number of guitar questions with his special blend of enigmatic honesty – including why there's never been a John Squire signature guitar.

We finally have photographic proof of Jerry Seinfeld's bizarre Pop-Tart movie
Was Jerry Seinfeld’s semi-obsessive desire to make a movie about the creation of the Pop-Tart—a project Seinfeld has been talking about regularly for years at this point, with its origins dating back to a long-toiled-over joke in his act—simply an idea waiting patiently for its time? After all, the Netflix-produced Unfrosted apparently finished filming way back in 2022, with no word as to why it hadn’t yet been released, almost two years later. Was it simply waiting until the era of Air and Flamin’ Hot was in full swing, so that this strangest of the Product Movies might have a well-traveled place to land? Regardless, we now have genuine proof that the movie—Seinfeld’s directorial debut, as it happens, and his first cinematic project since a weary nation lost its heart to Bee Movie lo these 17 years ago—actually exists outside its creator’s head, as Netflix released a few seconds of footage from the movie as part of its much bigger film slate announcements earlier today.

Firefighters douse structure fire in Kalispell | Daily Inter Lake
A flurry of 911 calls at about 12:39 p.m., Feb. 1 reported fire, smoke and small explosions emanating from an outbuilding used as a workshop located on a residential property, officials said. The nearby home was unoccupied.

Darius Rucker Arrested for Alleged Minor Drug Misdemeanor in Tennessee
The musician, 57, was arrested on two counts of simple possession/casual exchange of a controlled substance and one count of a violation of Tennessee’s vehicle registration law, the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to PEOPLE.

Charles Barkley: NBA team should sign Tony Snell so he can have healthcare
Charles Barkley took a moment during Thursday’s “Inside the NBA” to call on a team to sign Tony Snell, so that he can accumulate a 10th year of NBA service and qualify for the player’s association premium medical plan that would cover Snell’s wife and kids.

Wife, Mother Explains Why She Started Open Marriage — Her Simple List
But Winter didn't feel satisfied, so at the urging of her therapist she gave the idea of disobedience a try. For her, this meant doing things like having sex with her then-lover, a public-sex fetishist, in one of Breather's coworking rooms while her husband was at work.