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Notebook: Kansas Mauled by Hawkeyes

I’m Henry the Eighth, I am. Henry the Eighth, I am, I am. I’ve been eating since 6:00 a.m. For dessert I’ll have dinner again.

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The Rock Chalkboard

KU can’t complete rally, falls 79-75 at No. 23 Iowa State - KU Sports
“As the shot clock’s ticking down, we just got to be able to take a step up and limit that, just a bit more awareness,” said guard Johnny Furphy, who was defending Gilbert at the end of the play. “But yeah, that was a heck of a shot.”

Snyder will no longer be on KU football staff - KU Sports
“It’s being able to get around to each (section of the staff) and just being able to share experiences and things that I’ve had in the past,” Snyder said on a November episode of Leipold’s “Hawk Talk” radio show, “and so I think there’s been some good things that have been able to help out the program.”

Poor conference start has KU needing to win more difficult games down the stretch - KU Sports
The last season in which KU started 4-3 in the Big 12 Conference was 2020-21, a year in which the Jayhawks spent a chunk of the season unranked and needed to win six of their final seven Big 12 just to get their record to 12-6 (21-9 overall), then lost by 34 to USC in the second round of the NCAA Tournament.

Kansas women’s basketball drops tight road match in Norman - KU Sports
The Jayhawks started hot in the first quarter Saturday before the Sooners went on a run of their own to finish the half down 28-27. Oklahoma (13-6, 7-1) then reversed the roles in the third quarter to get out to a quick six-point lead, against which Kansas fought back against to face a one-possession deficit entering the final period of play. At the end of 40 minutes, the Jayhawks ran out of steam while Oklahoma’s Skylar Vann seemed to have a second wind, scoring nine points in the fourth including two exclamation points on a Sooner 6-0 run with a minute and a half left.

Bits o Chalk

Kawakami: 49ers didn’t just come back to win the NFC title, they justified this entire era - The Athletic
It started slowly but then got faster and faster. The 49ers' second-half comeback was everything they needed, all at once.

Lamar Jackson can't hide his disappointment after stumbling vs. Chiefs
“I'm angry about losing,” said Jackson, who joined the club as a first-round pick in 2018.

NFL takeaways: Chiefs, 49ers head to Super Bowl with history at stake
1. Super Bowl 58 will be the ninth "rematch" in the history of the game, set to occur four years after the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers clashed in Super Bowl 54.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce Kiss on Field After Chiefs’ AFC Championship Win
She greeted her boyfriend on the field and cameras captured the two sharing a couple smooches and embracing.

Patrick Mahomes reaches fourth Super Bowl, says he never takes it for granted - NBC Sports
“You don’t take it for granted,” Mahomes said of all his Super Bowls. “You never know how many you’re going to get to, or if you’re going to get to any. It truly is special just to do it with these guys after what we’ve been through all season long, guys coming together, it really is special. But I told them the job’s not done. Our job now is to prepare ourselves to play a good football team in the Super Bowl and try to get that ring.”

Eraser Dust

Woman says she was trapped in California snow resort gondola for 15 hours
The worker guided her to a gondola, she said, with a few minutes to spare before 5 p.m., but when she got in and started her trip down, it stopped, stranding her for 15 hours.

Why Millennials Are Declaring Themselves Obsolete - The New York Times
The largest living generation in America peers into the abyss of middle age. Are we really worried, or is it just a shtick?

Illinois Hearing Officer, a Former Republican Judge, Says Trump Engaged in Insurrection - The New York Times
A former Republican judge appointed to hear arguments on whether to disqualify former President Donald J. Trump from the Illinois primary ballot said on Sunday that he believed Mr. Trump engaged in insurrection by attempting to remain in office after the 2020 election.

To beat Trump, we need to know why Americans keep voting for him. Psychologists may have the answer | George Monbiot | The Guardian
Many explanations are proposed for the continued rise of Donald Trump, and the steadfastness of his support, even as the outrages and criminal charges pile up. Some of these explanations are powerful. But there is one I have seen mentioned nowhere, which could, I believe, be the most important: Trump is king of the extrinsics.

6 Of The Worst Things To Order At Subway, According To Employees
Fortunately, the institutional knowledge of which Subway menu items the smart and considerate Subway patron never orders isn't locked behind the Subway vault with the smell of freshly baked bread. It's all over the various social media platforms, as you can see by taking a look at the list below. There has even been at least one example of Subway no-nos making it into the mainstream news. Read on, and eat fresh with a relatively clear conscience.

Rogue One's New Name For The Death Star Was So Much Cooler Than The Empire's
Galen called the Death Star project "Stardust," his nickname for his daughter, Jyn. It was a smart move, because it meant he would be forever reminded of the true reason he was working on this project. To Galen, the codename also served to reinforce the need to sabotage the Death Star; he was fighting for the next generation, for Jyn to inherit a better world, one where the Death Star had failed and the Empire had fallen.

House eyes vote this week on child tax credit bill, which faces some speed bumps
The $78 billion package, which cleared the Ways and Means Committee on a 40-3 vote, could come up on Wednesday, said one of the sources, who added that the timing is not locked in. GOP leadership notified members that it "may be considered" this week.

Kalispell boutique blends unique selections for all ages | Daily Inter Lake
So when opening a children’s boutique she put a focus on offering items that speak to her — toys she selects for her grandchildren and clothes that her daughter wears, but also decorative items that she has in her own home.

Kalispell boutique blends unique selections for all ages | Daily Inter Lake
So when opening a children’s boutique she put a focus on offering items that speak to her — toys she selects for her grandchildren and clothes that her daughter wears, but also decorative items that she has in her own home.

A valuable resource for Flathead newbies | Daily Inter Lake
During Montana’s peak covid-induced migration frenzy, a rumor circulated that some 30,000 new residents had moved to the Flathead Valley seemingly overnight.

While that figure turned out to be wildly inaccurate — the county actually added 3,600 residents between July 2020 and July 2021 — for locals there was no denying it felt like it could be true as parking lots and trailheads filled up with vehicles brandishing Texas and California license plates.