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Notebook: Kansas Continues to Maul Renovations

Hello, I’m Troy McClure. You might remember me from such films as... The Boatjacking of Supership 79 and Hydro: The Man With the Hydraulic Arms.

Blue Star Synthetic Rubber Factory Wytheville Virginia Photo by Allison Lee Isley for The Washington Post via Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

Preview: Big 12 grind continues in Morgantown as KU challenges WVU - KU Sports
“It’s hard to gauge, in large part because they haven’t had their full cast of guys, and certainly when they do have all their players they’ll be very formidable for anybody,” Self said Thursday.

Influential 1930s center ‘Skinny’ Johnson will have jersey retired Monday - KU Sports
Self said they have waited too long to retire the jersey — Johnson died at 68, in 1980 — but that “to see his son and the rest of their family be a part of this will mean almost as much to them as what it would be if Bill was actually front and center and present.”

Renovation work at KU football stadium making it ‘very possible’ Jayhawks will play at Arrowhead - KU Sports
It is looking more likely that at least some of the University of Kansas’ home football games next season will be played in Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo.

Eraser Dust

‘Cascading failures’ in police response to Uvalde school shooting, DoJ report finds | Texas school shooting | The Guardian
In Texas, the Republican governor, Greg Abbott, initially praised the courage of officers’ response, and blame was later cast heavily on local authorities in Uvalde. But an 80-page report from a panel of state lawmakers and investigations by journalists laid bare how over the course of more than 70 minutes, a mass of officers went in and out of the school with weapons drawn but did not go inside the classroom where the shooting was taking place. The 376 officers at the scene included state police, Uvalde police, school officers and US border patrol agents.

"Did you not hear me?": Judge calls out Trump lawyer for flunking "Evidence 101" at trial
Trump lawyer Alina Habba questioned E. Jean Carroll's income during Thursday's proceedings in the writer's defamation suit against the former president, and the judge wasn't pleased with her approach. When Habba asked Carroll if she "makes a good amount of money" from her Substack posts, U.S. District Judge Lewis Kaplan interjected, according to Politico's Erica Orden. "What's 'a good amount of money?'" Kaplan asked before saying, "Evidence 101."

Taylor Swift bundles up in black coat outside NYC music studio
The 34-year-old pop superstar was photographed heading into Greenwich Village’s Electric Lady Studios for a recording session Thursday night after Page Six revealed her and Travis Kelce’s future engagement plans.

'I'm so upset,' says Taco Bell fan after unearthing receipt from 2012 - and seeing how much two burritos used to cost | The US Sun
The disgruntled customer said she was considering boycotting the fast food chain after seeing the hike in prices compared to 2012.

What’s in the bill to expand the child tax credit and how it can help struggling families | PBS NewsHour
If the proposal becomes law, it would gradually increase the credit from $1,600 to $2,000 per child in 2025 and allow lower-income families to receive a refundable tax credit for each child. Right now, many only earn one tax credit for all of their children combined. It would also adjust the credits for inflation and increase what's available to those who pay little to no income tax.

Flathead Valley Ripe for Sports Tourism Initiatives - Flathead Beacon
Eleff laid out the vision his company developed for the Flathead Valley market, a “dream big” concept facility that would house multiple basketball courts, turf fields and two ice rinks — one permanent and one seasonal — and carry a price tag of between $70 to $100 million. Eleff said his company has successfully led other communities through a road map that includes everything from a feasibility study to raising public and private funds to building and managing the final operations.

Jim Carrey’s birthday was the ultimate comedy photo op with Adam Sandler, Jimmy Kimmel and many more | CNN
Comedian Jeff Ross posted an iconic, star-studded group photo on his Instagram page on Wednesday, which showcased Carrey – pulling one of his trademark elastic facial expressions – front and center amongst some famous friends in attendance.