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Notebook: Kansas Mauls Preparing for WVU

his is the moment we’ve feared, people. Many of you thought it would never happen... but I insisted we spend two hours every morning training for it. You all thought I was mad. Many of you requested to be transferred to another peanut factory. But now, we…

NCAA Basketball: West Virginia at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

The Rock Chalkboard

247Sports 2024 NBA Draft Big Board 2.0: 'You have to pick someone'
The 2024 NBA draft class is expected to be a crapshoot. We started evaluating most of these guys in high school, but the longer time went on, the more uncertainty and questions arose.

Johnny Furphy's insertion into KU's starting lineup is elevating the Jayhawks
STILLWATER, Okla. — For the second straight game, the Kansas basketball starting lineup featured Johny Furphy. The freshman made it consecutive games that he has shown flashes of his ability, too, playing with KU’s core four in the Jayhawks’ 90-66 win over Oklahoma State on Tuesday night.

'He brought back the Towson highlights': Jayhawks rave about Nick Timberlake's dunk vs. OSU
STILLWATER, Okla. — Oklahoma State’s Javon Small picked up his dribble and looked to make a tough jump shot while falling away from Hunter Dickinson. As Small got into his shooting motion, Johnny Furphy came from Small's right and blocked the shot with his right hand while simultaneously grabbing the ball out of the air with the same hand.

Eraser Dust

E. Jean Carroll Judge Bench-Slaps Trump Attorney 14 Times in One Day
Donald Trump did not seem at all happy during E. Jean Carroll's second sexual-assault defamation trial on Wednesday, often crossing his arms, glowering, and muttering complaints from his seat at the defense table.

Emotional Jason Kelce breaks down in tears on his podcast with brother Travis as the Philadelphia Eagles legend all but confirms his retirement from the NFL after playoff defeat by the Buccaneers | Daily Mail Online
Kelce broke his silence on the latest episode of his New Heights podcast with his brother Travis, saying: 'I didn't announce what I was doing on purpose - despite what's been leaked to the media.'

Gem Archer Interview
Possibly inspired by a dent in the head from his first guitar, the Britpop mainstay was there for the Gallaghers’ breakup and played in both their solo bands – but he’d rather have a cup of tea than t

Montana Supreme Court upholds climate ruling that said emissions can't be ignored - ABC News
Justices, in a 5-2 Tuesday decision, declined the request from Gov. Greg Gianforte and three state agencies to block the August ruling from District Court Judge Kathy Seeley while an appeal by the state is pending before the high court. Seeley ruled a state law that prohibited agencies from considering the effect of emissions runs afoul of the state constitution's requirement "to maintain and improve a clean and healthful environment."

The One Star Wars TV Show You're Not Watching Is Taking Lucasfilm's Boldest Story Risk In Years
With Young Jedi Adventures season 2 being confirmed to take place during Phase I, this generally peaceful family-friendly show now occurs during a time period full of death and strife. With the Jedi Order and Republic facing down threats like the High Republic's own terroristic Nihil pirates, hyperspace disasters, the flesh-eating sentient plants known as the Drengir, and even the Jedi-killing Nameless creatures, these kids have no idea what they're in for. Even the prominent Starlight Beacon (that the kids have even visited in a previous episode) goes down in flames due to a Nihil attack.

Blizzard warning issued for Flathead Valley | Daily Inter Lake
A blizzard warning was issued for the Flathead and Mission valleys, with total snow accumulations of up to 14 inches in the forecast for Kalispell. Snowfall rates of up to an inch an hour are possible.

Liberal group files complaint over Montana GOP Senate candidate’s financial disclosure | The Hill
The liberal nonprofit End Citizens United filed a complaint against Tim Sheehy, the frontrunner in Montana’s U.S. Senate GOP primary, alleging he’s missing some details on his personal financial disclosure.

Patrick Mahomes' Dad Makes Feelings on Taylor Swift Clear
"She's down to earth. I actually walked up and introduced myself to her and she said she knew who I was because she had watched the Quarterback series," he said, referring to the Netflix docuseries that took viewers into the homes of Patrick Mahomes, Kirk Cousins and Marcus Mariota.

Montana attorney general blocks constitutional abortion proposal
In a memorandum dated Jan. 16, Knudsen said the proposed ballot initiative spearheaded by Planned Parenthood Advocates of Montana, Ballot Measure #14, improperly “logrolls multiple distinct political choices into a single initiative” and limits the state’s ability to protect public health and safety.