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The Rock Chalkboard: 1.1.24

I believe in the spirit of rock and roll; in the eternal strength of the immortal soul

Times Square New Year’s Eve 2024 Celebration Photo by Gotham/Getty Images

Cuz sometimes everybody’s gotta let it go; I believe in the power of love

Fizzle is back tomorrow cuz I gotta go back to work. Hopefully he’ll let me fill in again occasionally, because I had fun this week. I definitely miss y’all. I’ll try to come around more often.

The Rock Chalkboard

Bad news to start off the new year for KU football: offensive lineman Armaj Reed-Adams has announced he is entering the transfer portal. Armaj started 11 games for KU this year; his departure means KU will be need to find three new starters on the O-line for 2024.

Kevin Sweeney at SI breaks down the leaders for college basketball’s All-American race.

Bits o’ Chalk

No one has ever won multiple NFL MVP awards after winning a Heisman, but Lamar Jackson could become the first player to do so.

It looks like most of the officials from the DET-DAL matchup this past weekend won’t be given playoff assignments. This is a good thing. (I think the NFL should adjust the records of the Cowboys and Lions, but that’s just me apparently.)

The surging Chicago Bears have clinched the #1 pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

JaMarr Chase and his zero rings are still talking despite the Bengals loss to the Chefs on Sunday.

Uh. What does the NFL think it’s doing here? Someone - or presumably, a group of someones - sat down and reviewed this play and said, yup, that’s a fine. What?

Stanford freed the three and pounded #4 Arizona.

This is gonna be a nope from me, dog.

Eraser Dust

Kansas City just set a record for homicides in a year in 2023, but Republicans would like you to know that it isn’t the guns. (Yes, it is.)

Minnesota is having its warmest winter since 1877.

Question of the Day

Will you watch either of the CFP games tonight?