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Notebook: Kansas to Play Illinois

Quoth the raven...” Eat my shorts!

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The Rock Chalkboard

What KU football players are saying ahead of Kansas vs. Illinois
In the lead-up to Friday's game between Kansas and Illinois, several KU football players met with local reporters to put a bow on the offseason and look ahead to Week 1. The players who met with reporters were junior wide receiver Trevor Wilson, senior defensive end Hayden Hatcher, senior running back Dylan, senior cornerback Swinton Lassiter and senior offensive lineman Dominick Puni.

Three things I know, three things I think this week (9/4)
Welcome to the newest feature for VIP subscribers. Every Monday morning during the football and basketball season we'll cover three things I think and three things I know heading into the week. It's as easy as it sounds. It'll be a place to discuss countless topics on the football, basketball and recruiting fronts — in addition to other topics pertaining to KU — all in one place.

Know the foe: Getting the inside scoop on Illinois with an expert
KU and Illinois are set to face off on Friday in a nationally televised game on ESPN2, which kicks off at 6:30 p.m. CT. To get the inside scoop on Illinois for VIP subscribers, we caught up with Jeremy Werner who covers Illinois for 247Sports. Here are five questions and answers with Werner...

Eraser Dust

Pennsylvania inmate escaped by crab-walking up a prison wall, video shows : NPR
WEST CHESTER, Pa. — A murderer made a brazen escape from a suburban Philadelphia jail yard by scaling a wall, climbing over razor wire and jumping from a roof in a breakout that wasn't detected by guards for a full hour, authorities said Wednesday as the killer eluded a widening manhunt for a seventh day.

Smash Mouth Members Couldn't Visit Steve Harwell Before His Death
Smash Mouth members were not allowed to say their final goodbyes to Steve Harwell in person ... because he didn't want visitors while he was in hospice care.

Video Surfaces Showing Alleged Aftermath of Poop Plane Incident
A video surfaced Tuesday on Twitter that purports to show what was left behind after a passenger experienced explosive diarrhea Friday on a plane that was going from Atlanta to Barcelona -- and which had to turn around and land back in America to deal with it.

Burning Man ravers abandon cars, blankets and their own waste
“There are people who leave abandon trailers along the highway; they break down, leave them and don’t even come after them.

Joe Jonas Filed for Divorce After Allegedly Catching Sophie Turner on Ring Camera
Multiple sources who have direct contact with Joe tell TMZ ... Joe had access to a ring cam that he said captured Sophie saying and/or doing something that made him realize the marriage was over.

Bringing the wild and weird world of pro wrestling to Missoula
On Saturday, Sept. 9, the fairgrounds will host “No Art, No Cowboys, No Rules,” a one-night exhibition of top-tier independent pro wrestling. Over the course of three hours, the trash-talking Filthy Tom Lawlor will take on the fierce yet cheerily disposed Fred Rosser. Three women — Kidd Bandit, Liiza Hall and Trish Adora — will duke it out en masse. Japanese wrestler Shun Skywalker — who boasts some extremely creepy masks — will take on a yet-to-be-announced opponent. And much more.

Totino’s New Orange Chicken Pizza Rolls Taste Like Blasphemy
Totino’s added a new flavor of pizza rolls to its permanent lineup a few weeks ago. In this case, the term “pizza roll” is sort of a misnomer: Totino’s went in a completely different direction for this new flavor, which was made in partnership with professional esports organization FaZe Clan. Rather than the tried-and-true combination of tomato sauce, cheese, and pizza toppings as fillings, the brand synonymous with after-school snacking (and video game snacking, and movie snacking, and midnight snacking) has gone in a wildly new direction with its new flavor: orange chicken.

IRS audits of ERC claims: Be prepared | Accounting Today
Despite the numerous warnings from the Internal Revenue Service, the American Institute of CPAs and various tax practitioner groups, advertisements for employers to take advantage of the Employee Retention Credit continue to proliferate.

Defense Attorney busts one of retail’s most pervasive myths - TheStreet
However, according to one defense attorney, roving bands of shoplifting organizations aren’t the problem. “Despite relentless media efforts to create a moral panic around it, evidence suggests theft is extremely low right now,” writes attorney and social activist David Menschel. “There is almost no evidence [that] the typical theft [is committed by] organized rings.”

Discontinued Taco Bell Items We Wish Would Come Back
While every fast-food chain discontinues menu items sometimes, Taco Bell seems to shuffle their menu frequently. While the chain occasionally brings back items for a limited time or permanently (we're looking at you, Nacho Fries and Mexican Pizza), there are a handful of items that have left the menu and have yet to return. Here are some of our favorite Taco Bell items that have been discontinued. Taco Bell, if you're reading this, maybe consider bringing them back?

She was a child-free woman enjoying her Saturday. Then came the culture warriors.
He, in this case, is Matt Walsh, a conservative media provocateur who posted Mazur’s video on X, the platform formerly known as Twitter, to his more than 2.4 million followers, stating that she is “too stupid to realize how depressing this is.” Other conservative pundits piled on. Some on the left came to her defense. Mark Cuban, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, argued with former Trump adviser Stephen Miller about it.