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Notebook: Kansas Unveils New Uniforms

The simpsons

Missouri State v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

Jill Biden: First lady tests positive for Covid-19, White House announces | CNN Politics
First lady Jill Biden tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday and is experiencing “mild symptoms,” the White House said. President Joe Biden has tested negative.

‘A Thankless Job’ - Flathead Beacon
The county attorney’s office currently has three vacancies as of Sept. 1, and Ahner is working to bring the department to a full staff of 15 prosecutors. Prior to July, there were only 13 deputy county attorneys in the budget before the county commissioners approved two more for fiscal year 2024. All three vacancies are for felony prosecutors.

Steve Harwell, Voice of the Band Smash Mouth, Is Dead at 56 - The New York Times
He was a founding member of the band, which broke out in the late 1990s with hit songs like “Walkin’ on the Sun” and “All Star.”

Priscilla Presley Tears Up While Reflecting on Marriage to Elvis, Their Age Gap and Sex Life | Entertainment Tonight
"Even though I was 14, I was older in life than in numbers," she added. "That was the attraction. And people think, 'Oh, it was sex, it was this.' Not at all. I never had sex with him. He was very kind, very soft, very loving. But he also respected the fact I was only 14 years old. We were more in mind and thought and that was our relationship."

Democrats aim to make inroads in rural Montana : NPR
The political divide between urban and rural voters has been growing over the past few decades, with Democrats often struggling to motivate people who live in rural areas. For 2024, Democrats are trying to chip away at GOP margins in state races, including in Montana, where organizers hope to revive Democrats hopes in deeply red places. Montana Public Radio's Shaylee Ragar has more.

2023 NFL season preview: Fifty-eight things to watch on the road to Super Bowl LVIII
You have to hand it to the NFL for managing to produce so much drama in what is laughably called "the offseason." Aaron Rodgers was traded to the New York Jets. Damar Hamlin returned, triumphantly, to the field. The Washington Commanders were finally -- thankfully -- sold. Even the more routine football news featured headliners. Sean Payton joined the Denver Broncos. Saquon Barkley did not get a long-term contract, but Lamar Jackson finally did. And the Detroit Lions became NFL darlings.

Crime-fighting fog hits shoplifters as retail theft spirals out of control | Fox Business
Stores lost an estimated $86.6 billion to retail theft in 2022, and projections indicate that amount may reach $115 billion in 2025, according to Capital One Shopping Research.

No. 9 Clemson melts down on offense in ugly 28-7 loss to Duke in season opener
The Tigers could not get out of their own way in a mistake-filled 28-7 road loss to Duke on Monday night in Durham, North Carolina. On a sequence of three consecutive second-half drives, Clemson drove the ball inside the Duke 10-yard line yet did not score a single point.

KU to wear new black uniform Friday as part of player-led effort - KU Sports
“I’ve had them at every other school,” Leipold said Monday. “You know, players love them, and they want them, and everything else that happens in college athletics today is a lot about (being) driven by players. They’re the ones out there doing it and everything else.”

Leipold and Bielema’s shared history informs KU’s approach to Week 2 - KU Sports
“Right when I was driving into work,” Leipold recalled Monday, “(Bielema) said ‘Why didn’t you just call me and ask? I would have moved our practice.’ That’s his facility.”