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A View from the Stands: Missouri State

Does anyone care for pot roast?

NCAA Football: Missouri State at Kansas Jay Biggerstaff-USA TODAY Sports

Crockpotting: a game in which the winner starts slowly, gradually builds momentum, and eventually dominates their opponent until they are perfectly cooked. Coined by the Solid Verbal Podcast.


No tailgate this week despite the great weather for the first of September. Friday games make it a bit challenging and my normal crew will be attending a reduced schedule this season since their kids have graduated. As we pull into Lawrence, I decide to approach the stadium from the north and drive down Mississippi past the stadium to get to my parking lot. Unfortunately, Westboro Baptist Church still insists on spewing its hate for humanity at the corner of 11th Street. At least everyone just ignores them. What is great to see is the number of people around the stadium. The senior houses across the street from the stadium are packed, the parking lots are full, and lots of tailgates are happening. Unlike past week 1 games, I have to really look for a spot in my lot. Good to see so many people not using the holiday weekend as an excuse to not attend the game.

As we walk down the hill to the stadium the tailgate tents are full, except for the 810 WHB tent It is empty, interesting. A continuing trend is fewer people just gathering on the hill to pregame on the Hill with their own supplies, and more and more prepaid party tents. I find it a little sad, but understand KU is trying to maximize revenues from football on game days. We are at the stadium about 30 minutes ahead of kickoff and as soon as we are through the gate we see Jalen Wilson, Christian Braun, KJ Adams, and Hunter Dickinson. They are just getting through the gates and looks like they are enjoying their BMOC status.

As we wait for kickoff you can feel the excitement building. People want to see big things from Jalon and the boys this evening. Not surprisingly when the starters are announced for special teams, defense, and offense, Jalon Daniels is announced last and gets the biggest cheer. It looks like a sizable group of his family and friends have made the trip from California to attend the game. Lots of Daniels jerseys in the family and friends section. Also, the students are here early and in force. The student section is almost maxed out as kickoff approaches.

1st Quarter

  • As kickoff arrives I am totally distracted by seating issues in front of me. Apparently, many groups are in the wrong seats. Wrong section, wrong rows. Many people are switching spots. This takes so long to resolve.
  • KU has the ball by the time I have focused on the game and I have missed the fact that Jalon is not starting and Jason Bean is in. What’s up with that? Not as healthy as we were led to believe? Don’t want to risk an injury we should win with or without him?
  • Doesn’t matter much as Devin hits the hole, makes a nice cut, keeps his balance, and is in the end zone. Nice, up 7-0 quickly.
  • The defense has another good series as they play the option well.
  • The offense gets the ball back.
  • The crowd is providing a lot of energy and is being loud.
  • Fumble by Hishaw. The Bears get the ball back in good position. Argh.
  • The defense looks to have bailed out Hishaw.
  • Oh wait the Bears are going for it on 4th down.
  • And they get it. Argh!
  • Roughing the passer. Argh!!
  • Fumble! Did KU get it? No. Argh!!!
  • Bears touchdown. Argh!!!!
  • Well, that was frustrating. None of that should have happened.
  • Tie game, 7-7.
  • Trevor Wilson with a nice return
  • Let’s get that score back.
  • Bean with a nice run and a gentle face mask adds 15 yards to the end of the run.
  • Jason follows that run with a horrible decision to throw the ball to Casey. Luckily the ball falls incomplete.
  • Sometimes you have to eat the ball and regroup. There’s no reason to make that throw.
  • KU decides to go for it on 4th down forcing a Mo. State timeout. I like this call by KU.
  • Stopped. Not going well. Argh!!!!!

2nd Quarter

  • OMG! Two big plays for the Bears.
  • A review for targeting called down from the booth?
  • From the replay, it looks like our guy was targeting the receiver’s armpit.
  • What did the booth official see?
  • Ruled no targeting
  • Miss it! Nope. Field goal Bears.
  • KU down 10-7.
  • All the energy in the stadium is now gone. It is completely dead here now.
  • Time for Bean and the boys to show out.
  • Good start with a pass to Grimm.
  • Nice gain for Lawrence Arnold, but Bean did not have the arm or timing. Could/should have been a TD right there.
  • Luke Grimm TD!!
  • Show out they did. KU 14-10.
  • And Luke Grimm is in the tent.
  • As KU did following the Bears kicked off, the Bears call a timeout right after KU’s kickoff.
  • Grimm limping a bit on the sideline while trying to run.
  • On the other hand Jalon looks great on the sidelines. Listening on the headset, dancing to the music during stoppages.
  • Come on D.
  • I should not have to beg the defense to be better against Mo. State.
  • The biggest issue for the defense seems to be the QB scramble. They are having real trouble containing him when everything else is bottled up
  • Dropped pass by the Bears on 3rd down.
  • Craig Young looked like he was ready to kill the receiver if he had held onto the ball.
  • Hey, a punt!
  • Can Bean and the boys do it again?
  • Nice start by Neal.
  • Skinner targeted 2 times in a row and makes 1 catch.
  • Bean with another nice run that is again supplemented by a penalty, horse collar.
  • The field goal kick is very low. Hope that is an aberration. KU 17-10.
  • Why not try harder to get the ball back before halftime with more time on the clock?
  • Decline the penalty and use a timeout, if needed.
  • Another poor passing decision by Bean and now a kneel-down to end the half.


I am disappointed in KU Band. The norm for the first game is high temps and full band uniforms would be brutal. Tonight is the exception. It is beautiful for the game. It is not hot enough to justify shorts and collared shirts. They should be in full uniforms.

With that off my chest, it is Taylor Shift night for the band and the first tune is good advice for the football team, Shake It Off. I hope they are able to shake off a less-than-inspiring half of play.


Fan type you hate to sit by?

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3rd Quarter

  • KU gets the kickoff and gets a nice start with a completion to Trevor Kardell.
  • I am beginning to sense a trend. After a nice play, Kardell enters the tent.
  • How many years has Bean played quarterback? Has he ever looked off a defender? On this play, Jason looks at no one else but Doug Emilien. I mean from the moment he takes the snap he looks left directly at Emilien, never taking his eyes off him. He then makes a throw that could have easily been intercepted but falls incomplete. Sell the play a little. Look at other receivers too, they might actually be open.
  • McDuffie! Nice run for a touchdown. 24-10
  • The defense gets a nice 3 and out.
  • Luke Grimm is on the sidelines, but no longer in pads.
  • My daughter points out an increase in security guard presence. She is right. There are more on both sides of the field. Travis Goff has some PTSD from last season I guess. The energy in the stadium is treading the other way. Despite a widening gap in the score, the is no momentum building for people to take to the field.
  • Skinner is open for a long gain. For the second time tonight, a better throw from Bean would have resulted in a touchdown.
  • Now there will be no touchdown. Dumb penalty on Michael Ford, Jr. You knock someone down well after the whistle right in front of an official and that is on you. You let the opposing player to continue to act like an idiot and you might get a taunting call against Mo. State.
  • No touchdown, but a field goal from Keller. It looks a lot better than his earlier kick. KU 27-10.
  • Two of the four attendees of the game from my family have had enough. They are headed to the Oread Hotel for drinks.
  • Jacardia Wright with a highlight run. He bounces off the initial tackler and hurdles a second one before being brought down.
  • I was feeling better until this Bears’ drive.

4th Quarter

  • Well, that was easy. KU 27-17
  • Can we somehow score 2 TDS before the end?
  • I feel like like the offense has turned it off. Run, run, run.
  • Hey, a pass. Wilson nice catch.
  • Touchdown! Daniel Hishaw. I guess the hip is fine. KU 34-17.
  • Cobee!! KU gets a turnover off a deflection by JB Brown.
  • Bean misses Skinner, not a good throw
  • Going for it on 4th down. Good decision.
  • Nice play call. Both Casey and Fairchild break across the middle, leaving Devin Neal open for the touchdown. 41-17
  • Cole Ballard warming up.
  • An interception by Kwinton Lassiter! The family tradition continues.
  • His brother, Kwamie, is even here for the celebration.
  • Ballard is back in to get more handoff practice.
  • Looks like Keaton Kubecka is in too.
  • Spreading love around the running back room.
  • Touchdown Morrison. KU 48-17.
  • “More the fan count I am used to” says my daughter as she looks around the largely empty stadium


As the final seconds run off the clock Travis Goff’s PTSD shows itself as the continued security show of force jumps into overdrive. Each goalpost is immediately surrounded by security guards with arms interlocked to protect them from a nonexistent threat of fans storming the field. There was never that energy in the stadium tonight. Kind of like a crockpot meal, not terribly exciting, not buzz-worthy, but the result is satisfying enough.