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Best Bar in Lawrence: The Sandbar vs Lawrence Beer Company

What is the best bar in Lawrence Kansas

man pouring drink Photo by: Kurt Wittman/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

We continue the Elite Eight with The Sandbar vs Lawrence Beer Company

The Sandbar

Peach Madl opened the doors of The Sandbar in 1989. Located in beautiful downtown Lawrence, Kansas, and inspired by the free-spirited lifestyle of Key West and the music of Jimmy Buffett, the Sandbar is a tiny oasis for people from all walks of life. From University of Kansas students and returning alumni to local business people to tourists, the Sandbar’s tiki-bar atmosphere has something for everyone.

Lawrence Beer Company

Like most people these days we’ve visited our fair share of breweries. Some were big and fancy, some were small and just getting started, but our favorites all had similar characteristics. We appreciate quality and attention to detail. We love community focus. We love creativity and personality. We love when we can sit on a patio in the sun drinking a few beers with friends and just watch the neighborhood roll in. Pushing strollers, riding bikes, meeting friends… really using the brewery as a community gathering spot like they were always meant to be. We’re not looking for world domination we just want to make quality, fresh beer and food for the community that we live in, and then share it with the people who live here. We want you to come in and hang out with us.

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Which is the better bar?

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  • 63%
    The Sandbar
    (42 votes)
  • 36%
    Lawrence Beer Company
    (24 votes)
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