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PSA: KDOT Hates KU Football

I support safe bridges, but how long will this last?


This past Friday was move-in day for my youngest at KU. I had not been to Lawrence for a while and forgot about the continuing construction happening between Lawrence and Overland Park along K10.

So, a warning for those traveling to Lawrence for football this season via K10. As was the case last season, there are two severe bottlenecks along your route. Traveling westbound, the first construction zone is near Desoto. Bridge replacement here has entered its second year and there is only one lane in either direction as you go through the construction zone. A second bottleneck is encountered if you use the 23rd Street exit to enter Lawrence. From O’Connell Road (near where the Knights of Columbus used to be) to the bridge near Haskell Indian Nations University it is again one lane each way. Be warned, be prepared, and remember for the Missouri State game, Friday night rush hour could add to your needed lead time to get to the game before the opening kickoff.