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The Weekend Mauling: 8.12.2023

Oh… Diablo Canyon 2... why can’t you be more like Diablo Canyon 1?


The Rock Chalkboard

A look at what penalties KU could face from impending IARP ruling - KU Sports
It has been nearly six years since the arrests of Adidas personnel and college basketball coaches that kicked off the saga, but Sports Illustrated reported on April 19 that KU had just had a hearing with the NCAA’s Independent Accountability Resolution Process, and that the entity’s judgments had been produced on four-month timelines after hearings were held. Indeed, SI also reported that LSU had its hearing in February, and its own case wrapped up June 22.

McDuffie, Thompson add new ingredients to established KU backfield - KU Sports
Even with workhorse starter Devin Neal set for an encore after his strong 2022 campaign, Daniel Hishaw Jr. back after consecutive season-ending injuries and Sevion Morrison widening his role as a complementary piece, the Jayhawks can apparently never have too many options for what players and coaches call the “multiplicity” of offensive coordinator Andy Kotelnicki’s scheme. New this year are sixth-year senior Dylan McDuffie, a Georgia Tech transfer who played under head coach Lance Leipold at Buffalo, and Johnny Thompson Jr., a freshman from Canoga Park, California, who has had coaches abuzz all through fall camp because of how eager he is to learn.

KU soccer falls to South Dakota State in home exhibition, 2-1 - KU Sports
SDSU’s Maya Hansen, the reigning Summit League offensive player of the year, and fellow super-senior Reagan Anderson netted on either side of the halftime break, with Hansen beating returning starting goalkeeper Melania Pasar and Anderson putting one past Hayven Harrison.

Booth Breakdown: A far-out look at the Texas Tech Red Raiders - KU Sports
But unlike KU, the Red Raiders and second-year head coach Joey McGuire are rolling off a higher-level 8-5 (5-4 Big 12) campaign that brought renewed confidence to football fans in Lubbock. That same team bested the Jayhawks last November, too, rolling away from KU 43-28 late following a dicey second quarter.

Eraser Dust

What's to blame for too little water in Flathead Lake: climate or mismanagement?
The dam-managed lake at the headwaters of the Columbia River system is currently 2.5 feet below “full pool,” considered the ideal level for using the lake’s numerous docks and ramps. The fallout from the low lake level has inspired political pressure and energized a series of well-attended “Save Flathead Lake” meetings where organizers have suggested dam mismanagement, not water supply, is to blame for unusable docks and slackening economic activity.

‘Unprecedented, stunning, disgusting’: Clarence Thomas condemned over billionaire gifts | Clarence Thomas | The Guardian
Conservative US supreme court justice Clarence Thomas has been condemned for maintaining “unprecedented” and “shameless” links to rightwing benefactors, after ProPublica published new details of his acceptance of undeclared gifts including 38 vacations and expensive sports tickets.

Disney Removes 'Star Wars' Series From Release Schedule, Entire Show Could Be Canceled - Inside the Magic
With Skeleton Crew not on the release schedule yesterday, this could mean a few different things. The writers and actor strike continues to push through throughout the country, with talks resuming sometime soon between the studios and the unions, so with all of this taken into consideration, this could be why Disney has not released the official date for this Star Wars series. With Loki season two releasing just days after the ending of the first season of Ahsoka, the company might see it fit to push this series back some more to allow for more breathing room between shows. But Disney did have the series on its February schedule, so this could mean that Disney is considering changing things up. The actual scenario could be as follows:

Federal regulators flag ‘concerns’ as Montana cuts Medicaid rolls
Federal regulators are urging Montana health officials to fix shortcomings in the state’s Medicaid redetermination process, expressing “concerns” that the state may be disenrolling people who are eligible for the public health insurance and creating barriers for others through long wait times at call centers and during the application process.

Historic clock donated to Columbia Falls Museum | Daily Inter Lake
Karl Sorenson recently donated a vintage clock from the old Gaylord Hotel, which burned down in the mid-1920s. The hotel was a landmark on Nucleus Avenue prior to the fire.

17 Movies That People Were SO Excited For...That Ended Up Being Legitimately Terrible
Recently, we asked the BuzzFeed Community about the movies that were SUPER hyped before they entered theaters...only for everyone to genuinely hate them upon actually seeing them. Here are 17 movies with wild hype that fell disastrously short.

Gen Z Can’t Afford the Rent - The New York Times
Here’s what young people from coast to coast are saying about how they manage to keep a roof over their heads.

Taco Bell Grilled Cheese Dipping Taco Review: The Chain Takes On Birria With A New Protein Option
Inspired by birria tacos, which feature shredded, slow-braised beef in a light and crispy shell that can is dipped in a broth, the new Taco Bell Grilled Cheese Dipping Taco takes the same concept and puts a spin on it. Rather than a broth, these new tacos come with two dipping sauces: Taco Bell's signature queso sauce and the chain's mild red sauce that you would normally find on the bean burrito. In addition to the shredded beef tacos, Taco Bell also released a version with seasoned ground beef.

The Male Characters On The Big Bang Theory Had To Follow One Strict Rule Throughout The 12 Seasons Related To Their Appearance
Tampering with your look was a major dealbreaker for those on The Big Bang Theory. Fans have noticed that throughout the seasons, Raj, Leonard, Sheldon and Howard never have beards or facial hair, aside from the episode that sees them return from their expedition. It seems like this was purposely done for the men of the show to stay in character and keep their looks for the show.