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Notebook: Kansas Impresses on Big 12 Media Day

That’s a post-dated check, remember. Don’t cash it till the year 10,000.

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Newmarket Races Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

KU football reckoning with uncommonly high expectations - KU Sports
Two years ago, the Kansas football team didn’t even make it to the Big 12 Conference Media Days. Severe weather coming out of Lawrence grounded head coach Lance Leipold in his first year at the helm, and he and the Jayhawk players had to videoconference from afar.

Kansas' Jalon Daniels Rocks $50K, Highlight Reel-Playing Chain To Big 12 Media Day
Forget diamond pendants ... Univ. of Kansas quarterback Jalon Daniels pulled up to Big 12 Media Day with something far cooler around his neck -- a mini-TV that plays his highlights!!

Gradey Dick's golf swing is ELITE ⛳️ #nba #golf - YouTube
Gradey Dick, Jarace Walker, and Anthony Black kickin' it at Top Golf.

Eraser Dust

Residents speak up over property assessments at Bozeman town hall | KECI
“The way we’re going now, it’s going to force a lot of the people that’s in homes that are on fixed incomes are going to have to sell their homes and leave,” said a Bozeman resident.

Another Fan-Favorite Is Back on the Menu at Taco Bell
Taco Bell has officially (re)entered the chicken sandwich wars with its newest addition to menus. The Crispy Chicken Taco was first introduced back in 2021 with the name "Crispy Chicken Sandwich Taco." The newest iteration swaps out the original soft flatbread for a thinner classic tortilla, but features the same crispy chicken strip.

4 reasons why homelessness keeps going up : NPR
A landmark new report surveyed thousands of people in California about how they came to be without housing, and researchers conducted in-depth interviews with hundreds of them. For most, high rental costs were crucial.

Tim Robinson’s Brand Of Angry Alienation On ‘I Think You Should Leave’ Is Really An Overeager Grasp for Friendship In The Midst of Extreme Loneliness | Decider
The natural state of a Robinson character can be triangulated between flabbergasted, flummoxed, and flustered, its symptoms including a strangulated tone of voice and slightly-off stroke-brain speech along the lines of “I thought there was monsters on the world.” Everything about his body language suggests a man holding a lot back; his hunched forward lean, brittle arms pressed to his side, and jerky movements all carry stress that inevitably comes spilling out as he reaches the end of his wits. As a competitor on a faux Price Is Right show (another go-to sketch template oriented around nonsensical regulations), he nearly asphyxiates while wearing a VR headset, gasping that “I don’t know how to work the body” in a pretty good summation of this type’s chronic physical short-circuiting.

Ray Epps Sues Fox News After Tucker Carlson Pushed Jan. 6 Lies – Rolling Stone
The conspiracy theory, which Carlson pushed repeatedly on his show, stems a video of Epps telling protesters the night before the attack to peacefully enter the Capitol the following day. Onlookers then start chanting “Fed! Fed! Fed!” Epps is also seen on video on Jan. 6 encouraging people to march to the Capitol. Epps has not been arrested for his involvement, and Carlson and others have alleged the Justice Department is protecting him because he was working for the FBI

‘One Tree Hill’ star Bethany Joy Lenz was in a cult for 10 years, says 'there’s a lot to tell.’ Here's what we know so far.
Although Lenz declined to identify which cult she was part of while talking with her former cast mates, she has not shied away in the past from calling out such groups and recruiters for cult-like organizations.

Guns: Supreme Court case puts Second Amendment groups in a bind
Zackey Rahimi's legal troubles began in 2019 when he pulled out a gun and fired at a passerby who witnessed him dragging his girlfriend through a parking lot.

Months later, after getting into an accident, Rahimi repeatedly shot at the other driver, court records show. A year later, he threatened another woman with a gun and was charged with aggravated assault. In 2021, he fired several times into the air after a friend's credit card was declined at a burger joint near Fort Worth, Texas.

Rahimi's case is now before the Supreme Court in a blockbuster Second Amendment challenge that may prove especially thorny for the gun lobby and the court's conservative wing. That's because Rahimi is challenging his conviction under a federal law that bars Americans who are subject to restraining orders from owning guns.

Farmers Insurance pulls out of Florida, affecting 100,000 policyholders | CNN Business
The company said in a statement that its decision to get out of Florida was a business decision necessary to manage its risk exposure in the hurricane-prone state. Farmers serves 100,000 customers in Florida but said there will be no impact to customers who use Farmers’ owned subsidiaries like Foremost Signature and Bristol West.

Grateful Dead concert set spotlights show that ran nearly 5 hours
The 17-CD collection, which is also available in digital download format, captures the mighty Dead in the spring of ’73 as the band makes its way through the final five shows of a tour in brilliant fashion.

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