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Notebook: #kufball Prepares for Media Day

Everybody wants somethin’ for nothin’. I’m old! Gimme, gimme, gimme!

Day Ten: The Championships - Wimbledon 2023 Photo by Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

Big 12 Media Days 2023: A big question facing each team at the podium Wednesday
Big 12 Media Days start Wednesday. With four new programs, the league's annual question-and-answer segment will see the 14 teams stretched over two days. That means each team will have plenty of spotlight to sum up where they're at entering fall camp and, eventually, the 2023 season.

Big 12 Media Days 2023: What we expect to learn from coaches, players this week in Arlington
The new era of the Big 12 has arrived and the conference will soon takeover AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, for the 2023 Big 12 Football Media Days later this week. There is a lot to know and questions that need answers from each of the 14 teams in the league with BYU, Cincinnati, Houston and UCF officially joining the conference on July 1. Oklahoma and Texas get one last chance to claim the Big 12 title before they depart for the SEC in 2024.

Jamari McDowell’s focus set on improving one specific area of his game during his freshman season
“I believe I can do a little bit of everything, but especially on the defensive side of the ball,” McDowell said. “It's really what I want to focus on is my freshman year. You kind of build your role in different places as you get older. So just kind of work my way up. See where I can get from there.”

247Sports Media Days: Big 12 preseason predictions
247Sports is home to an array of websites covering college football, and behind those publications are reporters with on-the-ground knowledge of the teams and conferences they cover daily. "Talking Season" is now underway as prognostications across the country gain steam in the build-up to the college football season. Media Days for the sport have arrived, and the annual trek to hotel meeting rooms across the country are underway. Before the Power 5 conferences conducted their virtual Media Days, 247Sports gathered experts across its network and conducted polls to get a better idea of how the 2023 season will transpire.

Eraser Dust

Traverse City hair salon no longer servicing certain LGBTQ members – 9&10 News
In a Facebook post, the owner of Studio 8 Hair Lab said that anyone who identifies as anything other than a man, or a woman needs to get serviced at a local pet groomer.

Surgeon shot to death in suburban Memphis clinic - CBS News
An orthopedic surgeon was fatally shot inside a clinic in a suburb of Memphis Tuesday and a suspect was arrested minutes later, police said.

Montana State Library withdraws from national association
The Montana State Library Commission’s decision came in response to a 2022 tweet posted by current ALA President Emily Drabinski describing herself as a “Marxist Lesbian,” which quickly drew the attention of conservative media outlets nationwide. In his motion to “immediately withdraw” the state library from the association, commissioner Tom Burnett directed that a letter be sent to the ALA explaining that “our oath of office and resulting duty to the Constitution forbids association with an organization led by a Marxist.”

The Accountant Shortage is a Material Weakness Now - Going Concern
The Wall Street Journal wrote today about recent disclosures made by Advance Auto Parts, Joby Aviation, and Germany’s Evotec that specifically point to a lack of accounting staff as a contributor to or sole factor causing certain material weaknesses. It seems we are entering the “find out” phase of FAFO, the FA being shitty pay (and to a lesser extent, decades of ineffective recruiting strategies).

MT GOP Senate Candidate's Facebook Include Lewd Photos, Racist Costumes
But as national Republicans worked to recruit and vet the 38-year-old first-time candidate, they appear to have overlooked a crucial truth of the digital age, and the millennial candidates who have come of age within it — nothing ever quite disappears from the internet.

3 tax prep firms shared 'extraordinarily sensitive' data about taxpayers with Meta, lawmakers say | AP News
That data came to Meta through its Pixel code, which the tax firms installed on their websites to gather information on how to improve their own marketing campaigns. In exchange, Meta was able to access the data to write targeted algorithms for its own users.

The program collected information on taxpayers’ filing status, income, refund amounts, names of dependents, approximate federal tax owed, which buttons were clicked on the tax preparers’ websites and the names of text entry forms that the taxpayer navigated, the report states.

Threads is already giving brands more engagement than Twitter
A new study by Website Planet, the web development service for individuals and businesses, shows that Threads—itself a near-clone of Twitter—is drawing more online engagement than Twitter itself.

Local Agencies Educate Residents About Rain Garden Benefits - Flathead Beacon
Three years ago, when Shannon Freix struggled to keep the grass alive in a triangular-shaped portion of her backyard, she attended a Flathead Rain Garden Initiative (FRGI) workshop hosted by local agencies to brainstorm an alternative use for the patch.

Why the Gen Dare sandwich at Fritz’s is my favorite burger | The Kansas City Star
Fritz’s Railroad Restaurant in Kansas City is known for the toy trains delivering food to tables. This menu item is the best reason to go.

Off-road wheelchair empowers individuals of all abilities to explore outdoors
Thanks to grant funding and community outreach, Lone Pine State Park in Kalispell is one of only two state parks in Montana to receive an Action Trackchair.

The trackchair is an all-terrain wheelchair designed to empower individuals of all abilities to explore the outdoors.

Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten released from prison after 53 years
Former Charles Manson follower Leslie Van Houten was released from prison on Tuesday after serving 53 years behind bars, according to the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation.