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Notebook: Kansas Previews New Players

Well, hear me out. If you’re innocent, you will fall to an honorable Christian death. If, however, you are the bride of Satan... you will surely fly your broom to safety. At that point, you will report back here for torture and beheading.

Warning system for protection against dangerous UV radiation Photo by Jonas Walzberg/picture alliance via Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

College football rankings: Top 10 returning quarterbacks by QBR for 2023 season
Continuing our college football quarterback rankings series as we approach the 2023 season, let's take a look at QBR and which returning signal-callers excel across all play types at the position. QBR, otherwise known as "Adjusted Total Quarterback Rating," values the quarterback on all play types on a 0-100 scale adjusted for the strength of opposing defenses faced. Raw QBR is not adjusted by quality of teams played.

Rival coaches share thoughts on the top college basketball transfers to move up to Power 6 conferences
Florida Atlantic carried the Conference USA banner all the way to the Final Four, but it was far from the only CUSA program to make some postseason noise. North Texas and UAB bulldozed the rest of the competition and met in the NIT Championship game. Charlotte knocked off Eastern Kentucky for the CBI title. March was a banner month for the league. After the season, Florida Atlantic somehow kept its team away from the blood-thirsty, high-major poachers. The rest of the CUSA was not so lucky.

Hunter Dickinson says Dajuan Harris should average 10 assists per game next season
Hunter Dickinson committed to Kansas for several reasons. The ability to play at a high level at one of the top programs in the country and doing so for a Hall of Fame head coach was a huge factor. But as Dickinson recalls, so too was the ability to play with one of the topping guards in college basketball. In fact, Dickinson states that KU’s Dajuan Harris is the top point guard in college hoops.

Eraser DustWith Affirmative Action Decision, College Admissions Could Become More Subjective - The New York Times
Colleges have a game plan, like emphasizing the personal essay, but so do conservative groups that promise to monitor and, if necessary, go back to court.

YouTube test threatens to block viewers if they continue using ad blockers | Engadget
YouTube is looking to take a more aggressive approach in preventing viewers from using ad blockers while watching videos on its platform. As BleepingComputer reports, people have been posting screenshots on social networks like Reddit that show a pop-up notice warning them that their player will be blocked after three videos.

Taylor Swift in Cincinnati: Plans in place in case of rain, lightning during concert
CINCINNATI — Just like Cincinnati saw Thursday night, the weather isn't always so "Enchanted" in the Tri-State. There's a possibility of storms this weekend, which could impact not only the Taylor Swift concerts but Cincinnati Reds and FC Cincinnati games.

Trump Demanded Documents Back Even After Learning Indictment Coming – Rolling Stone
Last month, Donald Trump’s lawyers told him he was on the cusp of a federal indictment in the classified-documents case. But the former president still wanted “my documents” and “my boxes” back, asking some of his lawyers if they could get them from the federal government, according to a source with direct knowledge of the matter and two other people briefed on it.

Star Wars Shows How Palpatine Turned Jedi Into Inquisitors During The Clone Wars
Delilah S. Dawson's upcoming book Rise of the Red Blade serves as something of an origin story for two members of the Inquisitorius, focusing in on a woman named Iskat Ikaris. Previous excerpts revealed this Inquisitor served at the Battle of Geonosis at the beginning of the Clone Wars, but the latest excerpt - published on EW - takes place a few months later. It features a chilling conversation between Iskat Akaris and Chancellor Palpatine himself, with the chancellor taking advantage of a few brief moments to cultivate Iskat's confidence and nudge her toward the dark side. The pattern is strikingly familiar - the exact same approach Darth Sidious took with Anakin Skywalker.

How Montana schools are preparing for worst-case scenarios
From armed marshals to surveillance software, Montana school districts are responding to the drumbeat of national tragedies with an array of tactics aimed at keeping students safe.

Supreme Court rules against USPS in Sunday work case : NPR
The court ruled in favor of Gerald Groff, an evangelical Christian postal worker, who refused to work on Sundays for religious reasons and said the U.S. Postal Service should accommodate his religious belief. He sued USPS for religious discrimination when he got in trouble for refusing to work Sunday shifts.

Key document may be fake in LGBTQ+ rights case before US supreme court | US supreme court | The Guardian
But Stewart, who requested his last name be withheld for privacy, said in an interview with the Guardian that he never sent the message, even though it correctly lists his email address and telephone number. He has also been happily married to a woman for the last 15 years, he said. The news was first reported by the New Republic.

Income tax rebates will begin to go out to Montana taxpayers next week
The Montana Department of Revenue says they will begin issuing rebates of 2021 individual income taxes to over 530,000 qualifying Montana taxpayers beginning July 3. The department anticipates distributing most rebates by August 31.

McDonald’s Grimace Shake is a social media challenge done right
Scrolling through your TikTok or Instagram feed, you’ve probably come across the now-familiar sight of a young person face down in the dirt with a purple, viscous liquid oozing from a McDonald’s cup next to them. While we all live with the knowledge that, one day, social media might serve us gruesome footage of animal torture or a mass shooting, there’s no need to worry here. It’s just some kids having fun at the Grimace’s expense.

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