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The Weekend Mauling: 6.3.2023

I’ve gone back to the time when dinosaurs weren’t just confined to zoos.

Florida, Sarasota, Crescent Beach, Siesta Key, Florida Box Turtle Photo by: Bernard Friel/Education Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Trump's attorneys unable to locate sensitive military document he discussed in recording - ABC News
Attorneys for former President Donald Trump have been unable to locate the sensitive military document that Trump discussed on tape during a July 2021 meeting at his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf club, sources familiar with the matter tell ABC News.

Federal investigators have the audio recording, on which Trump acknowledges he held onto a sensitive military document after leaving office, sources previously told ABC News.

Ron DeSantis thanks then attacks heckler who called him a fascist | Ron DeSantis | The Guardian
A South Carolina heckler called Ron DeSantis a “fucking fascist” on Friday. In response, the Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate said: “Yeah, well, thank you, thank you.”

Millennials Are Not an Exception. They’ve Moved to the Right. - The New York Times
Over the last decade, almost every cohort of voters under 50 has shifted rightward.

Congress could tax IRS again after debt limit deal - POLITICO
The debt-limit agreement highlights an overlooked threat to the $80 billion Democrats pushed through last summer for the IRS: That it will become a congressional piggybank.

Nine-and-a-half months after the money was handed over to the agency, lawmakers are taking a quarter of it back, in order to stave off budget cuts to unrelated domestic programs.

This Thai Sandwich Is Due to Go Viral Any Second
Moo yong is the Thai name for pork floss, which is pork shoulder that’s been cooked with soy sauce, shredded, and dried; the result is a light and fluffy product typically served with congee. So while this simply translates to “pork floss sandwich,” that doesn’t begin to tell the whole story of this eccentric and affordable luxury. Why does it look so gooey? Is that bologna in there? Is it going to kill me? Let me answer all of those questions.

Who Is Matty Healy? | The New Yorker
He deactivated his Twitter account and began the slow heel turn that has brought him to his current persona: a post-woke rock star, switching unpredictably between tenderness and trollishness. He stayed on Instagram, where he constantly made fun of both himself and the fans who seemed obsessed with his morality. He likened his music to a YouTube video titled “Sound Effect—Grown Man Crying Like a Little Baby.” When a fan messaged him to ask why he followed the Kenosha shooter Kyle Rittenhouse and the self-declared misogynist Andrew Tate on the platform, he posted the message, along with a reply: “We are starting a band.”

Christian home-schoolers revolt by enrolling kids in public school - Washington Post
They were taught that public schools are evil. Then a Virginia couple defied their families and enrolled their kids.

Donald Trump Angrily Left His Interview With Conan O'Brien, Walking Out During The Commercial Break
"He was pissed. He was really mad," O'Brien said. "I went to commercial. He stood up. I don’t think he said goodbye to me, and he walked over to my producer and said, 'That’s the last time I’m gonna be on this f****** show. He humiliated me in front of everybody.'"

Noel Gallagher fined over 1,000 pounds for speeding, despite not having a licence | Marca
Former Oasis band member Noel Gallagher is in more trouble as the singer has been fined more than a thousand pounds for speeding.

Owners of historic Kansas home uncover trove of secrets
Someone online then noticed the transoms, one of which was not working. Out of curiosity, Krasnesky took down the painting, pulled out the nails and dug inside. He found a nook with books that were all from 1907 and have titles you’ve probably heard of.

“The Scarlet Letter, Rebecca of Sunny Brook Farm, and Ben-Hur,” Krasnesky said.

Stepping on a loose floorboard while exploring the attic led to the discovery of another hidden treasure.

“I pulled the carpet up, pulled the board up, and -- back in the corner, right here against the fireplace -- I saw a little shiny thing in the back,” Krasnesky recalled. “I stuck my hand back in there and pulled it out, and there were two jars of silver coins.”

Utah district bans Bible in elementary and middle schools 'due to vulgarity or violence'
The Good Book is being treated like a bad book in Utah after a parent frustrated by efforts to ban materials from schools convinced a suburban district that some Bible verses were too vulgar or violent for younger children.

And the Book of Mormon could be next.

Security company buys space in former Kalispell mall | Daily Inter Lake
“The new office gives us an opportunity to unite our business and logistics teams under a single roof, as well as provide increased space for our continued growth,” Wise wrote in an email. “ISS has been blessed to see continuous growth since its founding and this is just the next step in that journey.”