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Notebook: Christian Braun Returns to Kansas

Company “L.”? But they smell.

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The Rock Chalkboard

Braun ‘couldn’t wait’ to get back to Kansas after winning NBA title - KU Sports
“I couldn’t wait,” Braun told reporters at the Drive5 Sports Center, where he was hosting a “Champ Camp” with his high school coach Ed Fritz. “The first thing I wanted to do, we got done with the parade, we got done with our trip and I came immediately back. This is where I want to be … Everything I love is here, I get to go back and watch my brother, so this means a lot to me.”

Christian Braun at Champ Camp in Overland Park - KU Sports
Kansas alum and guard with the NBA-champion Denver Nuggets, Christian Braun hops in line for a game of knockout during the Champ Camp run by his former high school basketball coach, Ed Fritz at Drive5 in Overland Park on Tuesday, June 27, 2023. Photo by Nick Krug

Where the Kansas football recruiting class of 2024 stands entering the “dead period” - KU Sports
The names of college football’s administrative periods tend to lie — what, exactly, was “quiet” about June 1-25, an officially designated “quiet period”? — but there’s no getting around the “dead period” that started Monday. Coaches and players will be unable to communicate in-person, while a moratorium on campus visits, unofficial or official, persists for nearly a month.

Eraser Dust

Donald Trump says more indictments are possible at 2024 campaign stop
WASHINGTON — Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday disputed the latest development in the federal classified documents case against him − an audio recording in which he discusses classified information he wasn't entitled to have − and warned supporters that additional indictments may be coming soon.

Costco is cracking down on sharing membership cards – NBC Bay Area
The retail giant said it is noticing abuse of card sharing since it expanded self-checkout to more of its stores. In response, Costco is reportedly doing spot checks at the self-checkout counters in hopes of weeding out non-members.

George Lucas' Original 12-Movie Star Wars Plan & Story Explained
Unlike the final version of the story, Lucas mentioned a "whole battle where Luke's father gets killed," indicating that he did not always intend for Darth Vader to be Luke Skywalker's father. Along those lines, Lucas noted that he wanted "to have Luke kiss the Princess in the second book," as this was before Leia was retconned to be Luke's sister. Lucas' original sequel trilogy would have seen Luke find his long-lost sister, but many of Lucas' ideas were condensed into Return of the Jedi due to being very burnt out by the time the original trilogy was finished.

All about Superman actor David Corenswet |
The star of Ryan Murphy's Hollywood and key supporting player in The Politician is poised to don Superman's red cape (and Clark Kent's glasses) in James Gunn's new take on the Man of Steel, Superman: Legacy.

Tim Robinson Broke My Boyfriend's Brain | GQ
A writer learns the hard way that 'I Think You Should Leave' seems to have a degenerative effect on the language of men who grew up learning to communicate and connect through 'Super Bad' and 'Anchorman' sound bites.

Drake pokes fun at Raptors rookie Gradey Dick's name with viral meme | Marca
"How good girls flex their body count," Drake captioned the post.

Man dies after trying to drink all 21 cocktails on menu on Jamaican vacation
A pathologist in Kingston said the 53-year-old Staffordshire man’s cause of death was “acute gastroenteritis due to alcohol consumption.”

Montana travelers stuck as thousands of flights delayed, canceled
“Arrive at the airport early even here in Billings, and making sure they do not have things in their carry-on luggage that impact not only them but other passengers,” he said.

Vikings Fans Fuming Over Taylor Swift Concert - Daily Norseman
Taylor Swift, iconic American pop star, had a concert at US Bank Stadium in Minneapolis just a few days ago. Some Minnesota Vikings fans that also double as Swift fans that went to the concert on June 23rd say it was louder than some of the biggest and best Vikings moments in the new stadium. Are they right?

Janitor heard 'annoying alarms' and turned off freezer, ruining 20 years of school research worth $1 million, lawsuit says | CNN
A university janitor who turned off a freezer after hearing multiple “annoying alarms,” ruined more than 20 years of research, according to a lawsuit filed against his employer by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate New York.