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Notebook: Kansas Mauls the Weekend

“Do not touch Willie.” Good advice.

Heatwave hits Ankara Photo by Evrim Aydin/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

Student debt, affirmative action: Supreme Court set for furious round of decisions
The Supreme Court is set to hand down key decisions this week on student debt relief, affirmative action and federal election laws as it enters the last week of its summer session with 10 cases pending.

A way-too-early analysis of way-too-early mock drafts - KU Sports
I have to be honest, though — I do find excessively early mock drafts pretty compelling in the NBA, where players can go one-and-done (as Gradey Dick just did), meaning that draftniks frequently have to evaluate an athlete’s professional potential without even seeing him in college first.

Eraser Dust

Questions Swirl on Russia Truce as Putin, Prigozhin Stay Silent on Mutiny - WSJ
The terms of the deal that narrowly averted an all-out battle between Russian government forces and the Wagner paramilitary group remained murky on Monday, as Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu appeared to have kept his job for now, and authorities suggested Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin is still under criminal investigation.

Greece election: Conservatives claim resounding victory – DW – 06/26/2023
Greece's conservative New Democracy party (ND) claimed victory at Sunday's parliamentary election, which had been called to break a political deadlock caused by an election last month.

How I made my peace with "I Think You Should Leave" – a cringe comedy I was one reluctant to watch |
I bristled immediately. Of course, I had not. Netflix's cult-favorite sketch-comedy series "I Think You Should Leave" created by Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin had long been a polarizing linchpin in our relationship. My boyfriend remains utterly enraptured by the show's unhinged absurdism, while I usually struggle to give rise to an audible chuckle, save for a few smirks and snickers. Ever since the show's third season dropped late last month, my subconscious had been silently prepping for this moment.

Morgan Delaney Wants to Talk About Whitefish - Flathead Beacon
Delaney is the creator and host of “Hello, Whitefish,” a podcast that brings some of the small town’s biggest players to the table to discuss everything from the local art scene to affordable housing to cannabis dispensaries. A born-and-raised Whitefish resident, the idea for the podcast came from what Delaney described as a desire to showcase unique local voices and stories, and to unpack some of the town’s most pressing issues.

Taco John's responds to Taco Bell's 'Taco Tuesday' lawsuit | CNN Business
In a filing Friday, responding to Taco Bell’s petition to “cancel” the trademark, Taco John’s parent company Spicy Seasonings denied there is “anything ‘not cool’ about” obtaining a trademark for the phrase. The Wyoming-based company said Taco Bell’s lawsuit is filled with “statements of opinion to which no response is required, including that Tuesday is a mediocre day of the week.”

Teenager on sub took Rubik's Cube to break record, mother tells BBC - BBC News
Speaking of her son, Mrs Dawood said Suleman loved the Rubik's Cube so much that he carried it with him everywhere, dazzling onlookers by solving the complex puzzle in 12 seconds.

"He said, 'I'm going to solve the Rubik's Cube 3,700 metres below sea at the Titanic'."

Liam Gallagher's Daughter Molly Moorish Lives An Extravagant Nepo-Baby Lifestyle Thanks To Her Father's Insane Net Worth
Molly Moorish-Gallagher is the daughter of singer-songwriter Lisa Moorish and Liam Gallagher. The latter, of course, is one of the most recognizable figures in the music industry due to being the former frontman of Oasis; a band that's been rumored for a reunion despite well-publicized feuds.

NJ Man Bought a United Lifetime Pass for $290k, Has Flown 23 Million Miles
In 1990, United Airlines advertised a lifetime pass for $290,000, and Stuker quickly snagged the offer.

This Clone Wars Arc Played a Role in Anakin's Fall to the Dark Side
While it's understandable why Obi-Wan keeps the operation a secret, the betrayal had grave consequences for the people close to Obi-Wan -- most notably Anakin Skywalker. With Anakin's trust in the Jedi Order already beginning to waver, Obi-Wan's deception pushed him closer to his fall to the dark side. Because there are more episodes than films, The Clone Wars allowed viewers to explore the idea of character agencies, doing so most prominently through the Jedi and those they care most about. It added layers and nuance to the original films as well as the prequels, making expansive moments even more impactful through seeds that went deeper than what fans knew.