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Notebook: Kansas Mauls the Draft

When cat burglaries start, can mass murders be far behind? This reporter isn’t saying that the burglar is an inhuman monster like the Wolfman... but he very well could be.

2023 NBA Draft Portraits Photo by Steve Freeman/NBAE via Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

Raptors Rookie Gradey Dick Details Hilarious Post-Draft Plan to Become Boys With Drake - Sports Illustrated
As Alex Kennedy of Basketball News reported, Dick was ready to get to Toronto ... to see Drake and get to work on his goal of becoming boys with the popular rapper/signer/songwriter.

Dick selected by Toronto at No. 13 overall - KU Sports
Dick sported a red-sequined, “Wizard of Oz”-inspired suit as his draft-night attire Thursday, and it ended up being quite fitting — just not in the way most would have anticipated. Numerous mock drafts from a variety of outlets had been projecting Dick to the Orlando Magic at No. 11, but rather than enchanting fans with his three-point sorcery in the Sunshine State, he’ll head north of the border to the ruby-red Raptors.

Jalen Wilson selected by Brooklyn Nets at No. 51 - KU Sports
He went somewhat later than expected, but the former Kansas forward from Denton, Texas, heard his name called at No. 51 in Brooklyn, New York, late Thursday night. He walked across the stage in the very arena where he’ll have a chance to play as a member of the Brooklyn Nets.

KU football stadium would shrink under latest concept plans to add conference center, hotel, student housing, retail to area - KU Sports
The consultant’s recommendations also show the entire surface parking lot and grassy area immediately east of the stadium — a prime location for both parking and game day tailgating — eliminated as part of the new development. The consultant’s recommendations acknowledge KU will need new parking solutions, but the consultants said those solutions still must be determined. Construction of new parking garages on campus are likely to get consideration, a KU official said.

Eraser Dust

U.S. Navy Heard What It Believed Was Titan Implosion Days Ago - WSJ
Underwater microphones designed to detect enemy submarines first detected Titan tragedy

One year after Roe v. Wade's reversal, warnings about abortion become reality - CBS News
Washington — In the months leading up to the Supreme Court's 2022 decision overturning Roe v. Wade, abortion-rights supporters were sounding the alarm about the consequences of ending the constitutional right to abortion: clinics shuttering in states where abortion is outlawed, longer wait times at facilities in states where it remains legal, women unable to terminate pregnancies prematurely despite growing health risks, and a patchwork of state laws, with abortion effectively inaccessible in regions of the country.

"I Should've Been Fired": Simpsons Fan Discovers Error In 27-Year-Old Episode That The Joke's Writer Missed
With Weinstein often discussing his Simpsons tenure on Twitter, one fan reached out to the writer about an error from the season 7 episode, "Mother Simpson." While the episode most notably featured the introduction of Homer's estranged mother, Mona Simpson, Weinstein noted a mistake in a memorable gag that fan account @Simpsons_Tweets shared involving a misspelling on Homer's tombstone's original design. Check it out below:

Supreme Court rules against a man who was given 27 years in prison for having a gun | AP News
The court’s conservatives were in the 6-3 majority against the man, Marcus DeAngelo Jones, who was given a 27-year prison sentence for violating a federal law meant to keep guns out of the hands of people with previous criminal convictions.

What Is Order 67 In Star Wars (& Has It Ever Been Used)?
One of the best non-canon Star Wars gags, 2022's LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga game saw Palpatine accidentally executing Order 67, a contingency order apparently requiring all clones to begin a choreographed dance number. Just like the canonical Order 66, these dance numbers started happening all over the galaxy before Palpatine realized his error, hilariously checking an instruction manual to make sure Order 66 was the one he wanted. Fitting right in with the plethora of jokes and tongue-in-cheek humor throughout the LEGO Star Wars game, Order 67 is a wonderful example of the Star Wars franchise's ability for humor and to effectively laugh at itself.

Noel Gallagher Is Against Guns N' Roses Headlining Glastonbury
He continued, "When you think of all the huge British artists who've had albums out this past year, having Guns N' Roses headlining the Saturday is mad."

'I'm A Nobody And He Calls My Employer?' Elon Musk Silences Tesla Critics By Deactivating Twitter Accounts And Reaching Out To Their Employers
Greenspan, founder of PlainSite, found his online presence abruptly disrupted on June 13. The suspension of his account, which had more than 24,000 followers, raises questions about freedom of speech and online censorship. Ironically, Twitter claims defending and respecting the user's voice is one of its core values.

Tim Allen talks Home Improvement son Zachery Ty Bryan's struggles
On this week’s Very Special Episode of Home Improvement, The Hollywood Reporter is digging up a lot of dirt on Zachery Ty Bryan, who played oldest son Brad Taylor. Bryan has apparently been tangled up in a lot of untoward business in recent years (among other odd details, he plagiarized Armie Hammer’s divorce announcement, the least and most petty of his misconduct). His post-Home Improvement career includes producing movies, making it big with bitcoin, and providing commentary for conservative outlets. But he’s also faced legal trouble, having faced charges of domestic violence and driving under the influence and accusations of duping investors into a crypto scam.