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Notebook: Zach Clemence Returns to Kansas

Hot stuff coming through.

Daily Life In Albay Province As Mayon Volcano Remains Under Alert Level 3 Photo by Lisa Marie David/NurPhoto via Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

Clemence reverses course, makes surprising return to KU - KU Sports
“I had a conversation last week with Zach,” Self said. “He contacted me and we were discussing all things going on with him, future, transferring, all the stuff, and he asked me would it be a possibility if he could return, and we discussed what we both thought would be best for his future basketball-wise.”

Jayhawk notebook: Baseball newcomers and honorees, golf and tennis transfers, coaching changes - KU Sports
The Jayhawks, who brought in a whopping 18 transfers in Fitzgerald’s first year, have continued to be active in the portal. Between Tuesday and Sunday, KU earned commitments from former Wichita State pitcher Grant Adler, New Mexico outfielder Lenny Junior Ashby and USC Upstate pitcher Reese Dutton, while also adding an incoming freshman in Olathe West ace and longtime Oklahoma commit Kasey Crawford.

Alabama’s Brandon Miller tops AP’s list of talented 1-and-done forwards in the NBA draft - KU Sports
He headlines The Associated Press’ list of forwards and could go as high as second overall behind presumptive No. 1 pick Victor Wembanyama. There are other one-and-done prospects such as Villanova’s Cam Whitmore, Houston’s Jarace Walker and Central Florida’s Taylor Hendricks as potential top-10 picks.

Kansas football lands four-star safety, adds second lineman for 2024 class - KU Sports
“Ever since he introduced me to playing football, we had a plan to make it to college ball,” Maxson said in a video posted to his Twitter. “Even without you being here, I made sure I stuck to the plan and followed plan. Hey man, we made it!”

Eraser Dust

Antlers and fancy dress: Stonehenge welcomes 8,000 visitors for summer solstice | The Seattle Times
Druids, pagans, hippies, local residents and tourists, many clad in an array of colorful costumes and even antlers, stayed and celebrated at Stonehenge for the night and greeted sunrise on Wednesday, which is the longest day in the Northern Hemisphere.

Underwater noises heard in search for missing sub near Titanic wreck - BBC News
A Canadian P-3 plane - using sonar buoys - heard underwater sounds which US Navy experts are now analysing.

Bob Huggins' daughter slams West Virginia 'backstabbers' after his DUI ouster
Huggins, 69, was arrested in Pittsburgh on Friday night and accused of having a blood-alcohol level of .210 — the legal limit is .08 — just weeks after he was disciplined for saying an anti-gay slur during a live radio interview.

What Did Vader Adjust on Luke's Lightsaber in Return of the Jedi?
With the lightsaber on, Vader moved his hands around and rotated the saber. At a quick glance, it looks like the Dark Lord was adjusting something on the lightsaber, perhaps fine-tuning something with his years' worth of expertise. There's even a whole Quora thread asking what exactly Vader adjusted. However, the fact of the matter is that Vader literally did nothing to the lightsaber. He simply ignited it, looked at it, flipped it over and turned it off. He was only admiring Luke's handiwork and complimenting the ability to construct his own lightsaber.

Trump Fox News Interview: He Thinks It Went Great – Rolling Stone
Donald Trump thought he crushed his Fox News interview. The rest of the world thinks he bumbled it miserably.

Jerry Seinfeld Had A Passionate Secret Affair With A Co-Star On Seinfeld Long Before He Settled Down With His Wife, Jessica
According to the famed biographer Jerry Oppenheimer, after Kitaen met and started to date Jerry Seinfeld, she got a job that was filming close to Seinfeld. As a result, the pair snuck around at work during their relationship.

Every ‘I Think You Should Leave’ Sketch, Ranked – Rolling Stone
You may ask why we — again, I — felt compelled to rank nearly 80 comedy sketches in order of how much they make me laugh and why. The honest answer is, I don’t know. I wasn’t even supposed to be here today. But here goes. Hope I don’t jack off.

The Ultimate Fast Food And Fast Casual French Fry Ranking For 2023
It’s been two years since our last big French fry ranking, and to justify ranking them again we’re going bigger than every other food site online. Because we’ve tasted and reviewed over 30 different fries across the fast food landscape in search of the very best. We’re talking about salted fries, curly fries, seasoned fries, and everything in between — all to answer the question of who makes the greatest French fries across fast food and fast casual. Through our re-tasting and re-ranking, a lot of brands have shifted spots, and we’re looking at an almost completely brand-new top five.

Noel Gallagher fluffs the guitar solo to Don't Look Back In Anger onstage | MusicRadar
You might think you're well-rehearsed but it will happen to you at some point if you ever play live; you'll totally forget how to play something onstage. The live experience is a funny thing like that – a heady brew of nerves, adrenaline, joy and equipment failure that even the pros can fall victim to sometimes. Yes, even Noel Gallagher with his most famous song.

The sleeper legal strategy that could topple abortion bans - POLITICO
WEBSTER GROVES, Mo. — Revs. Jan Barnes and Krista Taves have logged hundreds of hours standing outside abortion clinics across Missouri and Illinois, going back to the mid-1980s. But unlike other clergy members around the country, they never pleaded with patients to turn back.

Titanic Tourist Sub: Titan CEO Complained About 'Obscenely Safe' Regs
The founder of the company behind the Titan submersible previously described his industry as "obscenely safe" and complained that passenger-vessel regulations held back innovation.

The countries with the largest breast sizes in the world revealed -- find out where yours 'stacks' up
“The largest breasts can be found in Norway, Iceland, the United Kingdom, and the USA, the smallest in Central Africa and Southeast Asia,” World Data reported.