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Notebook: Kansas Mauls The Weekend

The metric system is the tool of the devil! My car gets 40 rods to the hogshead, and that’s the way I likes it!

Alandest Plateau of Turkiye’s Van Photo by Hakan Sari/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

Local softball luminary Bradney picked for Kansas Sports Hall of Fame - KU Sports
Jill Larson Bradney had already been a three-sport athlete at Kansas and the Jayhawks’ first-ever softball All-American by the time she found her way to Perry-Lecompton High as an assistant volleyball coach.

Buoyed by “modest surplus,” Kansas Athletics approves increased budget for fiscal year 2024 - KU Sports
“I think the theme for ’23 is return on investment, particularly in football,” Kansas Athletics Chief Financial Officer Pat Kaufman said. “A couple years ago we invested in a coaching staff in a bigger way than we had previously, and the fruits of that investment really showed in ’23 with a six-win bowl season, and it drove unbudgeted revenue growth in so many different ways.”

Booth Breakdown: A far-out glance at the Illinois Fighting Illini - KU Sports
It’ll be a true test jumping from an FCS teaser to an Illinois program that put together a largely positive 8-5 (5-4 Big Ten) campaign in its second year under head coach Bret Bielema. Last season saw the Fighting Illini win seven of their first eight regular-season games.

Hansen celebrates team success, memorable goal in first pro season - KU Sports
A little over two months into her professional career, though, Hansen controlled a pass outside the box with a smooth touch to put the ball on her right foot, wound up and drove a rocket over the head of the ŽFK Sloga Zemun goalkeeper. The ball caromed hard off the underside of the crossbar and in, opening the scoring in the 26th minute for Hansen’s ŽFK Spartak Subotica on May 14, and giving the Vancouver, British Columbia, native her first goal since she was 18 years old.

Eraser Dust

Dick Vitale Floats Tom Crean As Potential Bob Huggins Replacement for West Virginia - Sports Illustrated
“A guy with all kind of head coaching big time experience who would be super during the 1 yr [West Virginia men’s basketball] waiting period to make a final decision would be Tom Crean,” wrote Vitale on Twitter.

Websites Say Traffic Plummeted After Facebook Algorithm Change
An apparent change to Facebook’s algorithm in May caused a dramatic drop in traffic to news and media websites, according to a growing list of publishers and data from Echobox, a social media management company.

Law roundup: Boys with bats try to instigate fights | Daily Inter Lake
A group of about five teen boys walking from the mall was allegedly screaming for people to wake up. A man, who was sleeping at a location with two other people, believed the teens wanted to fight and thought he saw one of the boys holding a bat. When he called 911, the teens reportedly walked past a park where they hopped in a black truck and peeled out of the parking lot and drove by the group, yelling out the window.

Noel Gallagher reveals he's going through a 'turbulent and worrying time' amid divorce | Daily Mail Online
He said in a podcast with Matt Morgan: 'I’ve found myself daydreaming about the future recently. I’ve got a challenging personal issue to deal with at the minute.'

The Shocking ‘Seinfeld’ Incident That Got Elaine’s Dad Erased From the Show
The one and only time that we meet the father of Elaine Benes is in Season 2, Episode 3, in the episode titled "The Jacket." He's mentioned as being an author who deserves a wider audience, but as Elaine says, "I'm not so sure he wants one." Elaine reminds Jerry that he and George are meeting her and her father for dinner that Sunday night. Jerry is nervous about going because he's intimidated by Alton's great writing, but Elaine wants him there as a buffer because she hasn't talked to her dad in a while. Meanwhile, Jerry buys an expensive suede jacket that he absolutely adores. The only problem is the strange pink and white candy stripe lining. Jerry loves his new jacket so much that he just sits in it on his couch, admiring how he looks in it.

Local Homeless are Not Outsiders - Flathead Beacon
This is no small thing. Throughout history, government actors have used access to bathrooms, water fountains, public pools, and locker rooms to marginalize women, people of color, individuals with disabilities, and transgender individuals. For example, the first public toilet for men predated the first toilet for women by decades because a women’s restroom challenged the convention of a woman’s “place” as being in the home. The use of public amenities became central to the civil rights movement because to have equal and equitable access to bathrooms and water fountains is an issue of basic human dignity.

Bob Huggins resigns as West Virginia coach in wake of arrest - ESPN
Huggins announced he was stepping down in a statement Saturday night in which he said, "My recent actions do not represent the values of the University or the leadership expected in this role. ... I have let all of you -- and myself -- down."

climate change trial : NPR
Sixteen young Montana plaintiffs are suing state leaders in Helena, saying they've ignored scientific evidence and continue to promote fossil fuels, worsening climate change. They say that violates their right to a "clean and healthful environment," which Montana's constitution guarantees.

Supreme Court considers recoil from landmark gun rights ruling
WASHINGTON — One court ruled that federal law cannot bar someone from owning a gun just because that person is subject to a domestic violence restraining order.

10 Best Sketch Comedy Shows, Ranked by IMDb Score
Robinson follows a long line of great sketch comedians and comedy troupes from the past that paved the way for sketch comedy shows on television. Each with their own unique voice, many sketch shows led to breakouts not only from the stars, but also from the guest performers that filled out the sketches. Going all the way back to the 1950s, audiences have demanded a diverse array of sketch comedy shows to lift their spirits and make light of the problems of the day.

Bizarre AI Simpsons characters spark serious debate
"Something doesn’t add up. Can someone explain?" one person asked when the debate spilled over onto Twitter. "Why does she have tattoos? That's not very Margelike," one person wrote on Reddit. "Why is Homer buff as hell?, someone else asks.

Newly divorced mom scammed of entire $100,000 401k savings
Believing she had a special connection with the man, who barely made himself visible on their video calls, Holloway said she took his word when he advised that she should start investing in cryptocurrencies.

Fred, who pretended to be a foreign entrepreneur living in Philadelphia, advised her to transfer $1,000 into a crypto platform, which allowed her to earn $168.

Trump indictment sidelines his rivals – with no end in sight - POLITICO
The problem for Donald Trump’s rivals with the wall-to-wall media coverage of his indictment isn’t just that Trump is once again drawing all the attention in the presidential primary.