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The Weekend Mauling: 6.17.2023

Sure, you will. Once, my old lady ran off and married my brother. Well, it hurt, but here it is a month later, and I’m sleeping on their couch!

Rhodes - Places To Visit Photo by EyesWideOpen/Getty Images

What 'I Think You Should Leave' Reveals About Office Culture - The Atlantic
The series is the brainchild of Tim Robinson and Zach Kanin, who first met while writing for Saturday Night Live. Yet ITYSL doesn’t feel like an outgrowth of that sketch-comedy institution. It has little interest in releasing the awkward tension of any jokes; instead, they get escalated until they veer into the surreal. More often than not, premises focus on someone’s mounting anxiety—specifically the kind that stems from misunderstanding banal situations, such as a first date or a party—and the extremes they’ll pursue to escape that humiliation. There tends to be a lot of yelling.

‘More extreme, more violent’: experts’ warning over khaki-clad Patriot Front | US news | The Guardian
At a Patriot Front demonstration in Washington in May, more than a hundred Patriot Front members marched along the National Mall wearing matching outfits of beige or brown chinos and blue button-up shirts.

Commissioner meets advocates at homeless camp cleanup | Daily Inter Lake
The cleanup effort yielded over 50 bags of trash — two truck loads — that were hauled to the county dump, said organizer Jody Waggener of the Flathead Warming Center and Collaborative Housing Solutions of Northwest Montana, a consortium of social service providers in the county.

10 Awesome Rock Music Songs With Terrible Lyrics – Page 4
That being said, there is something to be said for the pure carnal rage inspired by his 1999 single Bawitdaba. If you're in a certain frame of mind, then there's nothing better than bouncing around in a crowd of people with this blaring in the background.

'Jeopardy! Producers Are Hoping That Everyone Forgets One Of The Show's Worst Episodes Ever
“Not good, you know it’s the last game before lunch, maybe everyone’s a little sleepy or something, a little hungry, but that’s a tough stat to carry with you,” former Jeopardy! champ Buzzy Cohen theorized. Viewers called the Mayim Bialik-hosted episode “horrible” and “one of the collectively worst showings on Jeopardy I’ve ever seen. Someone better pull this off.” (Suresh Krishnan pulled it off on his way to a six-game winning streak that recently ended.)

The Funniest Anti-WFH Propaganda You'll See All Week - Going Concern
UK office furniture company Furniture at Work has published a hilarious anti-WFH piece called “From Claw Hands to Hunchbacks: How Working From Home Could Affect Our Bodies.” The article warns that if you continue to work from home you will end up looking like an enemy from Silent Hill by the time you are 70. The company, which definitely isn’t biased at all given that their entire livelihood depends on the sale of office furniture, “sourced scientific research and worked with health experts to fully explore the potentially damaging health effects of working from home” and then worked with a 3D designer “to create a future human whose body has physically changed due to consistent use of laptops and smartphones, poor posture, and an unhealthy diet.”

Weekend Questions

  1. What is the longest you have stayed up without sleeping?
  2. I just got an Apple Watch and have been tracking my steps more and more. Do you track your steps? How many do you shoot for each day?
  3. With Avatar 2 just now hitting streaming services, if you had to live on a fictional world, where would you want to live?