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Notebook: Bill Self Discusses Transfer Portal

Things have changed. There will be no mockery of your name, Mr. Glasscock.

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SPORTS-BKC-MCDOWELL-COLUMN-KC Rich Sugg/The Kansas City Star/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

Bill Self says the transfer portal is not good for the long term health of CBB
“The portal is not good,” Self said. “And I'll be the first to say this, in a way that's good for our sport over time. Over time, the portal is not good, where kids can just leave all the time and people say well, they should be able to, well, that's fine and dandy, but also the first time you hit a roadblock you should actually have to go over it sometimes as opposed to around. But the portal, over time, I don't believe it's going to be good for our sport. I don't see it being good for our sport over time. But for this one particular year, it was good. It was good for Kansas. So hopefully we can take full advantage of it this winter.”

Bill Self on the addition of Santa Clara transfer Parker Braun: 'People are sleeping on this guy'
Kansas will have a pretty new-look front court next season following a busy spring full of roster movement. The Jayhawks landed Hunter Dickinson, to No. 1 transfer in the portal this offseason, which sparked the outgoing departures of Ernest Udeh Jr. and Zuby Ejiofor. With KU in need of front court reinforcements to go with Dickinson and returnee KJ Adams, the coaches turned to a familiar face in Parker Braun. The Santa Clara transfer is the brother of former KU guard Christian Braun.

Bits o Chalk

NBA Finals 2023 predictions: Anonymous scout, coach, exec pick Nuggets-Heat winner - The Athletic
To answer that question, we once again turned to a panel of experts. We asked a scout, a coach and a team executive to predict the outcome of the 2023 NBA Finals, which will start Thursday in Denver. We granted our experts anonymity because their employers did not give them permission to discuss other franchises publicly. Anonymity also allowed them to be completely candid in their assessments.

As SEC schedule debate unfolds, most coaches noncommittal - ESPN
As is tradition, the Southeastern Conference took over a resort hotel on the Florida Gulf Coast for its spring meetings this week. The hottest topic is what the nation's toughest football conference plans to do with its schedule starting in the 2024 season when Texas and Oklahoma join to make it a 16-team league with no divisions.

As 76ers' new coach, Nick Nurse is tasked with taking a theoretically top-tier team to the top ... again -
Nick Nurse understands he's not going to be judged by regular-season wins. He's taking over a team that is perennially near the top of the Eastern Conference standings, but has ended consecutive seasons with a whimper. It's always nice to get the No. 1 seed, but it wouldn't mean much for this particular group next season. The last time it happened, a second-round flameout followed.

Eraser Dust

The One Beer Myth That Will Never Die
Except for one. There’s one story that seemingly everyone has heard, internalized, and repeated. And it’s entirely fictional. I’ve heard dozens of slight variations, but they all come down to this: Don’t let cold beer get warm and then re-chill it. It skunks the beer.

US debt ceiling: Republican hard-right vows to sink deal hours before vote expected | US Congress | The Guardian
Members of the hard-right House freedom caucus have attacked the proposed spending cuts in the debt ceiling bill as woefully inadequate, and vowed to oppose the legislation when it hits the floor.

North Korea satellite launch fails, with another promised as 'soon as possible' - ABC News
SEOUL -- North Korea acknowledged on Wednesday its failure to launch a military spy satellite, an attempt that U.S. officials called a "brazen violation" of U.N. resolutions.

Taylor Swift Shouldn’t Have to Apologize for Dating Matty Healy – Rolling Stone
Publicity stunt or not, Swift can have a sleazeball summer if she damn well pleases

Deborah Roberts says husband Al Roker is 'on the mend'
Deborah Roberts says her husband Al Roker is “sick and tired of being sick and tired” due to his his ongoing health issues.

Can’t-Miss Events in the Flathead - Flathead Beacon
Festivals featuring arts and crafts, food and drink, music and rodeo events are all planned for this summer in the Flathead Valley. The following is just a small sample of the events taking place throughout the region this summer. For more ideas about where to go and what to do under the summer sun, check out and

Al Pacino Expecting Child With Girlfriend Noor Alfallah – The Hollywood Reporter
Al Pacino and his girlfriend Noor Alfallah are expecting a child, his rep confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter.

Although his rep didn’t share details on their relationship, TMZ, who was the first to report the news, said the 83-year-old actor has been linked to the producer since April 2022.

40 Years later, Mark Hamill Explains a Massive Star Wars Mistake
This mistake is easy to mock, but a fandom in-joke explains the error away. Luke is simply executing a “Force kick,” a telekinetic attack that doesn’t require physical contact. The cheeky explanation earned a joking reference in Karen Traviss’ book Order 66: A Republic Commando Novel, and it even became an ability in multiple Star Wars video games.

Tuesday Morning Accounting News Brief: CPA Numbers Are Abysmal; PwC Blocked Government Inquiry | 5.30.23 - Going Concern
The number of people taking CPA exams in 2022 was just over 67,000, down from 72,000 in 2021 and short of the institute’s forecast of 74,000, according to a note in AICPA’s annual report published this month. That was the lowest level since the beginning of records for the modern exam in 2006.

'Bed rotting' Gen Z is killing their future: 'Never be at home'
“You should never be at home. That’s what I tell young people. Home is for seven hours of sleep and that’s it,” Galloway dished in a clip posted by the Journal on TikTok.

“The amount of time you spend at home is inversely correlated to your success professionally and romantically. You need to be out of the house,” he urged.