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Notebook: KU Kicker Transfer to Montana

America isn’t interested in space exploration anymore. Maybe we should finally tell them the big secret— that all the chimps we sent into space came back superintelligent.

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2023 NCAA Division I Men’s Golf Championship Photo by C. Morgan Engel/NCAA Photos via Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

KU transfer kicker Grant Glasgow seeking a fresh start at Montana - KU Sports
Kansas transfer kicker Grant Glasgow is headed for Montana, committing with the Grizzlies earlier this month after entering the transfer portal in April. The Lawrence native didn’t see action as a redshirt freshman at KU.

More Jayhawks advance through hard-fought men’s prelims, on to NCAA track championships - KU Sports
A discus flew 4 centimeters farther, a runner finished half a second faster and a pair of Kansas track and field athletes earned their places at the NCAA Championships by the narrowest of margins.

KU football earns fifth 2024 commit, second from Desert Edge High School - KU Sports
“My experience around the staff was great,” Kamara told Jon Kirby of “They kept reaffirming me that I was their guy and that they wanted me there. Some signs that told me I was ready to commit was my comfort level with the staff and just how much they wanted me.”

Bits o Chalk

The Miami Heat brutally ended the Celtics’ season of living dangerously | Boston Celtics | The Guardian
As it turns out, there’s a simple reason that no NBA team has ever won a series after falling behind 0-3: the better-prepared unit is typically the one in front. So it went in the Eastern Conference finals where, after losing their last three games, the Miami Heat regrouped for Game 7 and blew out the Boston Celtics 103-84 on the road on Monday night. After fighting so hard to stay alive, the Celtics were finally burned by the return of the same bad habits that put them on the brink of elimination in the first place.

2023 NBA Finals odds: Nuggets open as favorites over Heat - The Athletic
The Miami Heat advanced to the NBA Finals with a Game 7 victory in Boston, but the Denver Nuggets will start the NBA Finals as favorites. Here’s what you need to know:

Eraser Dust

What to know as Elizabeth Holmes starts her 11-year prison sentence : NPR
Disgraced Silicon Valley superstar Elizabeth Holmes is set to surrender on Tuesday to begin serving a 11-year prison term for defrauding investors with her once high-flying blood-testing company Theranos.

Biden and McCarthy's bumpy journey to a debt ceiling deal | Reuters
WASHINGTON, May 29 (Reuters) - When Kevin McCarthy was struggling early this year to get enough votes from his own Republicans to become Speaker of the House of Representatives, Democratic President Joe Biden called the prolonged saga a national embarrassment, then had a little fun.

Snorkeler survives crocodile attack by pulling his head from its jaws | CNN
An Australian man bitten on the head by a crocodile while snorkeling in the sea off far north Queensland escaped the unusual attack by prizing open the reptile’s jaws.

Beyonce Salutes Tina Turner With Cover of ‘River Deep – Mountain High’ – Billboard
The “Single Ladies” singer used the platform of her Renaissance tour of the U.K. to remember Turner, who passed away last Wednesday (May 24), aged 83.

Is Montana’s pandemic tourism boom over?
After three years of congested trailheads, crowded restaurants and packed hotels, Montana tourism officials say this summer might be a little calmer as the state’s pandemic-fueled travel boom starts to level out into something closer to normal.

Pedro Pascal's The Mandalorian Broke the 1 Rule $51.8B Franchise Creator George Lucas Had Set in Stone - FandomWire
In the Star Wars saga, regular eyeglasses are rarely seen, though there is no shortage of goggles or other forms of protective eyewear. George Lucas did not want glasses to appear in the original Star Wars trilogy. This decision was made to sell better the idea that the films take place in a fantastical world far removed from Earth’s everyday technologies.