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Notebook: Kansas Adds Backup Big Man

Ivanhoe is the story of a Russian farmer and his tool.

Taxidermist presents exhibits Photo by Soeren Stache/picture alliance via Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

KU men’s golf team falters in round two of NCAA regionals, but freshman golfer in the hunt to qualify for National Championships - KU Sports
The Jayhawks posted a team score of 1-over par in Round 2 of the three-day tournament. The problem: Nearly every other team in the tourney came in under par. KU was just one of four teams in the 14-school field that couldn’t break par at the Jimmie Austin OU Golf Club.

Bits o Chalk

San Antonio Spurs win NBA draft lottery, right to draft Victor Wembanyama - ESPN
CHICAGO -- San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich once remarked how the franchise had already received all the luck it could possibly ask for. The two previous years the Spurs ended up with the No. 1 overall pick in the draft, they walked away each time with a player who would end up in the Hall of Fame.

Lakers 126-132 Nuggets (May 16, 2023) Game Recap - ESPN
DENVER -- — Denver Nuggets guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope was playing for the Los Angeles Lakers the last time these teams met in the Western Conference finals in the 2020 NBA bubble.

Adam Silver on latest Ja Morant gun video - 'I was shocked' - ESPN
Hours after NBA commissioner Adam Silver expressed his shock at seeing another social media video of Ja Morant holding a firearm, the Memphis Grizzlies superstar released a statement Tuesday night acknowledging the disappointment he has caused those who have supported him.

Eraser Dust

Illinois girl whose disappearance was on Netflix's 'Unsolved Mysteries' is found alive in North Carolina
An Illinois girl whose disappearance was featured on Netflix's "Unsolved Mysteries" was found alive in North Carolina last week, six years after she was allegedly abducted by her mother.

IRS moves forward with free e-filing system in pilot program to launch in 2024 - ABC News
Now, the IRS plans to launch a pilot program for the 2024 filing season to test a “direct file” system and help the federal government decide whether to move forward with potentially implementing it in the future, IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel and the Treasury’s Chief Implementation Officer Laurel Blatchford said Tuesday.

Telly, the ‘free’ smart TV with ads, has privacy policy red flags | TechCrunch
Yesterday, we looked at a new hardware startup called Telly that’s giving away half a million of its new smart televisions for free. The catch is that the 55-inch smart television is fitted with a second display that sits underneath and displays ads while you watch your favorite shows.

Montana governor signs 15-week abortion ban
House Bill 721 prohibits the most common abortion procedure after the first trimester. Planned Parenthood of Montana almost immediately filed a motion seeking a temporary restraining order to to prevent the state and the attorney general’s office from enforcing the law.

Disney Asks Florida Court To Toss Lawsuit From Ron DeSantis’s Handpicked Board Over Walt Disney World Jurisdiction – Deadline
“Disney’s earlier-filed and earlier-served federal action is pending between substantially the same parties, and it involves substantially overlapping issues,” the company’s legal team said in its brief, filed on Tuesday. “In these circumstances, controlling precedents provide that the court lacks discretion to proceed with this case. Disney regrets that it is compelled to litigate these issues anywhere, but the federal action is the proper vehicle for first hearing the parties’ dispute.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Wanted ‘More’ for Elaine on ‘Seinfeld’
Well, I never really approached it from the perspective of my gender, per se. I wanted to just play ball with everybody. I’m not going to lie, in the beginning, I didn’t always have a lot to do in certain episodes. And I would go to Larry and Jerry multiple times and say, “Hey, you guys, write me more, I need to be in this show more.” That’s what I just kept doing. And they did.

Your Burgers Are Missing One Key Element
The “wrap and hold” means just that: After you have assembled a burger (cooked patty, toppings, bun), you wrap said burger in food-grade paper, like most fast food restaurants do, and let the burger rest for a few minutes before serving it. I spoke with chefs and burger connoisseurs about the phenomenon in an effort to validate my hypothesis that when a burger is wrapped in paper and held for just a few minutes, the burger tastes better.

Overnight camping rules changing at the Northwest Montana Fairgrounds
A news release states the changes are being made due to an increase in transient encampments and people using the horse stalls for shelter.

Black taxpayers more likely to be audited, IRS admits - BBC News
IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel said in a letter to the US Senate that recent research indicates black taxpayers are between three and five times more likely to be audited.

Noel Gallagher breaks silence on shock 12 year marriage split from wife Sara MacDonald | Daily Mail Online
Noel has now opened up about the end of his 12-year marriage. He told the Big Issue magazine: 'When you get to your mid-50s you do come to some kind of crossroads in your life.

Dominion's Settlement With Fox Included Deal to Fire Tucker Carlson: Report
Variety cited multiple unnamed sources who were aware of an April 26 conversation Carlson had with an unnamed member of Fox Corporation's board who reportedly told Carlson about the agreement. According to Variety, the condition was not formally written down in any of the case's settlement documents. Instead, Carlson's ouster as the highest-rated cable news host was based on a verbal agreement. If Fox didn't follow through, Dominion would not have settled with the company.