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A Somewhat Vague Update on Bill Self

We have just a little more information now

NCAA Basketball: Texas Tech at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

There still isn’t much solid information out there on the health of Kansas basketball coach Bill Self. This morning, social media was abuzz with speculation after we learned Bill Self was in the hospital and would not be coaching in Thursday’s Big 12 quarterfinal game against West Virginia. Some news outlets reported that Self had suffered a heart attack, which would obviously be a serious concern on a number of levels. However, Kansas Athletics has issued a statement that, while stopping short of providing specifics on what is going on with Self, reassured fans of what is not happening:

“KU Men’s Basketball Coach Bill Self is a patient at The University of Kansas Health system. Chief Medical Officer Dr. Steve Stites wants to clarify that Coach Self did not suffer a heart attack as reported by some media. He arrived at the emergency department last night and underwent a standard procedure that went well. He is expected to make a full recovery. There will be no further medical details released for now.”

That quote was attributed to the University of Kansas Health System within the press release.

So, to be clear, Bill Self did not have a heart attack. However, whatever took place is serious enough that it’s been confirmed he won’t be coaching in Kansas City at all this week. Aside from shooting down the heart attack rumor, today’s release did very little to shine light on the situation. We know he underwent a “standard procedure,” but serious medical conditions can still be treated using a procedure that would be considered “standard” within the medical profession. Did Self have appendicitis? Kidney stones? Possibly, and it could possibly be hundreds of other things. Was it something that, while treated with a “standard procedure,” could still be a major health concern? It can’t be ruled out from the press release alone.

For now, it’s good news that Self did not suffer a heart attack, and any media who reported that he did needs to take a long look at their vetting process for inside information in these situations. It’s also good news that his standard procedure went well and that a full recovery is expected. It seems as though this was a scare that has been successfully medically addressed, and that is without a doubt a positive thing. As for whether this was serious enough to make Self rethink his career and how much longer he wants to be in a high stress job, we can’t say. However, the most important thing right now is the man’s health, and all indications are that he isn’t in any serious danger where that’s concerned.

Get well soon, Bill!