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Notebook: Lance Leipold Mauls Discussing Football

I stand on my record - 15 crashes and not a single fatality.

Texas v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

Lance Leipold provides KU football spring updates following 10 day break
KU football is back on the practice field after the Jayhawks had a 10 day layoff for spring break. It’s a dash to the finish for the team, as they’ll practice three days a week over the next three weeks in the lead-up to the April 7 Spring Showcase.

KU basketball offseason dates to know
Starting with the transfer portal, the post season window is open. It will remain open until May 11. So players will have until then to place their name in the portal. Players can still pick a new school after that date.

Eraser Dust

Columbia Falls to vote Tuesday on whether to delay massive flagpole project | WGME
Columbia Falls voters will decide Tuesday whether to enact a temporary halt on major developments to give the town time to craft and adopt standards that would apply to the proposed 1,461-foot tall flagpole and associated veterans’ theme park.

Avelo Airlines announces nonstop service from Kalispell to Southern California
Baden said Avelo is a low-cost airline and will initially be selling one-way tickets to Hollywood Burbank Airport in Los Angeles County for as low as $49.

UN warns against 'vampiric' global water use - BBC News
The report, published by UN Water and Unesco, warns that "scarcity is becoming endemic" because of overconsumption and pollution, while global warming will increase seasonal water shortages in both areas with abundant water and those already strained.

Google Opens Up Access to Bard AI Chatbot - MacRumors
Bard is not designed to replace Google Search, and Google instead says it is "complementary." Google warns that Bard learns from a wide range of information that includes real-world biases and stereotypes, so the chatbot can provide inaccurate, misleading, or false information. It will improve over time based on feedback, and Google plans to add capabilities like coding and more languages in the future.

Supreme Court to hear case between Jack Daniel's and dog toy maker - ABC News
The case, first filed by Jack Daniel's Properties, Inc., against VIP Products LLC in Arizona several years ago and slated for a Wednesday hearing before the high court, claims trademark infringement over an injection-molded vinyl chew toy the whiskey manufacturer says infringes on its trademark.

Another Star Wars thing is in trouble, just like all Star Wars things always are
Watch out, because every character in every Star Wars movie is rushing in to say that they’ve got a baaad feeling about something: As first reported by Above The Line and later confirmed by Deadline, writers Damon Lindelof and Justin Britt-Gibson have dropped out of the mysterious Star Wars project they were working on. We heard about this movie back in October, when Lucasfilm had assembled a crew of TV writers to tackle this (despite it being a movie), and we still don’t have any details on what it is supposed to be about—other than Star Wars stuff. Droids, aliens, blasters. Maybe lightsabers, maybe spaceships.