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The Rock Chalkboard: 12.31.23

For auld lang syne, my dear, For auld lang syne

New Year’s Eve 2024 Ball Test Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images

Wut up now, Wichita State?

The Rock Chalkboard

Kansas had little difficulty with its toughest in-state rival, trouncing Wichita State 86-67.

KJ Adams showed off his rebounding abilities on Saturday versus the Shockers.

Could the Wichita State matchup have been a breakout game for Elmarko Jackson?

This type of performance can be a boost going into conference play.

Unfortunately, the Lady Jayhawks got smoked in their Big 12 opener by Western Virginia.

Bits o’ Chalk

The streak is over! The Pistons won a game!

Florida State was down 29 scholarship players (opt outs and transfer portal), and Kirby Smart thinks that’s bad for college football.

NFL refs are at it again, this time screwing over Detroit.

Chris Sale has been traded from Boston to Atlanta.

Florida Gulf Coast came into their matchup with #7 FAU at 5-9, but when the dust settled, they had their sixth win of the year.

Eraser Dust

Kansas Republicans are going to try to pass a flat income tax bill again this year. Most of them could certainly benefit from some intellectual humility.

In case you were curious - and I’m sure you were - here’s how scientists are feeling after the hottest year on record.

Top 10 sports stories...

Top 10 MLB bloopers...

Top Taylor Swift outfits...

Yup must be a new year coming up. But 2023 wasn’t all bad - here are 10 actual good things that happened this year.

Question of the Day

2023 is almost over. What is something positive that happened to you this year? (That you would like to share with strangers on the internet, of course.) Alternatively - what are you doing for New Year’s Eve?