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The Rock Chalkboard: 12.30.23

NCAA Basketball: Yale at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

I love it when someone sets themself up with a dumb argument and then gets the door slammed in their face.

The Rock Chalkboard

Henry Greenstein at the LJW has their preview of the KU-WSU matchup. The piece includes comments from Bill Self that indicate this matchup may occasionally happen on an infrequent basis going forward.

The LJW has finally picked up on the reporting earlier this week that KU spent more than $10 million over six years to defend itself in the NCAA infractions case. Apparently they should have spent more because I for one still think it’s bullcrap that the NCAA vacated wins in which a player participated that they - the NCAA - cleared not once, but twice.

Joe Blake at Jayhawk Slant writes that Bill Self is looking for more consistent play outside of his top four players (Dickinson, McCullar, Harris, Adams).

Jason Bean has accepted an invite to the Hula Bowl.

Jon Kirby reports that Lance Leipold had prepared months in advance for the potential of a change at offensive coordinator. Kirby also has some quotes from LL about the officiating in the bowl game.

247Sports runs down 10 college football programs on the rise going into next season. The new-look Big 12 finds itself with four nominations: Kansas, Western Virginia, Colorado, and Arizona.

Big 12 women’s basketball gets conference play started today, and Yahoo Sports has a conference preview for you. The KU ladies open against Western Virginia in Allen Fieldhouse at noon today.

Bits o’ Chalk

Lebron James turned 39 earlier this month, and what he did in his 30s alone is enough for a hall of fame career.

Russell Wilson is contradicting the Broncos claims that he was benched for “a football move.”

The Patriots could do something this year that hasn’t happened to them for 23 years - finish in last place in their division.

The NCAA is investigating a potential software breach involving Catapult Sports, who “provides software to college football teams that is used to share practice film and video clips to coaches and players to study.”

Eraser Dust

KDOT would like your input on the K-10 corridor between Lawrence and Olathe.

The minimum wage gap between Kansas and Missouri continues to widen.

However, Kansas currently leads the nation in GDP growth.

Phase 2 of the three-step reduction on state sales tax on food in Kansas becomes active on January 1.

A variety of other new laws across various states will become effective at the new year as well.

Question of the Day

Ohio State clearly didn’t want to be at the Cotton Bowl on Friday night. What is an event that you had zero interest in but went to anyway, and how did it go?