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The Weekend Mauling: 11.25.2023

Oh, boy. The deep fryer’s here. I got it used from the Navy. You could flash fry a buffalo in 40 seconds.

Premiere Of “Star Wars: Episode III Revenge Of The Sith” Photo by Peter Kramer/Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

Preview: KU football playing for pride, bowl positioning against Cincinnati - KU Sports
“We can continue on this path of making steady progress,” Leipold said at the time, “or it’ll be one that’ll be disappointing.”

Jayhawks falter in final minutes against No. 9 Virginia Tech, fall 59-58 - KU Sports
Kansas started off hot, getting an early 6-1 lead. The Hokies had five turnovers within the first seven minutes of the first quarter but rebounded to take a 13-12 lead. Taiyanna Jackson got six of Kansas’ first 12 points but also committed two fouls, which sent her to the bench with just over two minutes left in the quarter. The game went back and forth until a strong Virginia Tech run gave the Hokies a 19-16 lead at the end of the quarter.

Eraser Dust

Derek Chauvin Is Said to Have Been Stabbed in Federal Prison - The New York Times
Mr. Chauvin, a former Minneapolis police officer who was convicted of murdering George Floyd during a 2020 arrest, was serving a sentence of more than 20 years.

Judge rejects attempt to enshrine abortion rights on Nevada ballot | The Hill
Siding with a newly established PAC — the Coalition for Parents and Children PAC — which filed a lawsuit last month to block the petition, District Judge James T. Russell deemed the proposed ballot initiative to be too broad, embracing a “multitude of subjects that amount to logrolling.”

‘We will coup whoever we want!’: the unbearable hubris of Musk and the billionaire tech bros | Society books | The Guardian
Billionaires, or their equivalents, have been around a long time, but there’s something different about today’s tech titans, as evidenced by a rash of recent books. Reading about their apocalypse bunkers, vampiric longevity strategies, outlandish social media pronouncements, private space programmes and virtual world-building ambitions, it’s hard to remember they’re not actors in a reality series or characters from a new Avengers movie.

The McDonald’s order that explains inflation, economy anger at Biden - The Washington Post
On Dec. 20, 2022, Topher Olive went to a McDonald’s in the town of Post Falls, Idaho, and ordered a limited edition “smoky” double quarter pounder BLT with fries and a Sprite. The meal cost $16.10, and he posted the receipt on TikTok.

Sykes free dinner was a hit again this year
KALISPELL — The annual Sykes Diner free Thanksgiving Dinner was a hit as always on Thursday, with people lining up early and a full parking lot.

The Main Street Mission - Flathead Beacon
LC: Our strategic initiatives include an annual Growth Summit, we have a robust Child Care Initiative, Manufacturing Alliance, Workforce Flathead partnership, and pro-business active Government Affairs and Advocacy platform, and we celebrate all of this annually at the Grand Event in November.

Kalispell Public Schools receives big grant
KALISPELL — Kalispell Public Schools received more than $33,000 in grants from the Kalispell Education Foundation this week.

5 New Star Wars Disney+ Shows Now Confirmed to Release In 2024
As the Star Wars franchise continues its break from the big screen, it is flourishing on Disney+. 2023 saw the release of The Mandalorian Season 3 and the premiere of the Rosario Dawson-led Ahsoka. Over the last twelve months, a sophomore run for The Bad Batch was also added to the streamer.

A $1 Burrito Promotion Backfires Explosively After Norovirus Outbreak
A $1 burrito promotion led to a #2 issue among the student body of Northwestern.

A physician didn't shower for 5 years. Here's what he found out - Big Think
Afew months ago, James Hamblin made a splash when announcing he hadn’t showered or used much soap in five years. The physician, Yale public health lecturer, and staff writer at The Atlantic experimented on himself as research for his latest book, Clean: The New Science of Skin.