Kansas basketball: Top 5 signing Jayhawks could prioritise in the 2024 class

Removing Duke and Auburn's big man Flory Bidunga was one of Bill Self's greatest recruiting coups in recent memory. Following their hosting of three high school players ranked in the top 15 this past weekend, the Kansas Jayhawks don't appear to be slowing down.

Elmarko Jackson, Johnny Furphy, and Jamari McDowell make up the 2023 class, albeit there were several dropouts along the way. In terms of recruiting class strength, those three rank Kansas in the top 10 nationally, but if they land one of their main targets, the Jayhawks may rise to the top 3.

Even though Kansas is anticipated to have Dajuan Harris, KJ Adams, and possibly Hunter Dickinson back for the 2024–25 campaign, they still need to assemble a strong recruiting class and transfer class in order to take the top spot in the Big 12. With the NBA returning back to action in October, get our NBA Expert Picks to every night games at

5. Billy Richmond

Richmond is a gifted wing with a reputation for having excellent defensive potential. He might be a good addition to the Jayhawks.

Richmond was originally scheduled to visit KU's campus on October 6, but if another player commits, that plan may change. That date, nevertheless, is good for the time being. If I had to guess, Kansas's guard for the class of 2024 will already be in place by then.

The shooting guard from Memphis is ranked among the top 50 players in his class. He hasn't been given much attention by Kansas because they like a few other guards in his class, but he might be a useful backup if the program's other plans don't work out.

4. Dylan Harper

Dylan Harper wants to follow in his family's footsteps and become a dominant collegiate basketball player. His brother, Ron Harper Jr., is a former Rutgers Scarlet Knight. One of the best in his class is Harper, a six-foot-five, 180-pound combination guard.

Out of all the prospects for 2024, he is the finest facilitator and has a very polished game. Harper isn't a top scorer, but when the situation calls for it, he can unleash the offensive fire.

Though Kansas appears to have given Rutgers and Duke a serious competition, Duke and Rutgers have long been seen as the front-runners for his recruitment. A three-star athlete in his class, he would be a tremendous addition to the Kansas basketball team. Harper could still end up a Jayhawk, though I wouldn't count on it.

3. Liam McNeeley

During his formal visit to Lawrence last week, McNeeley accompanied teammate Derik Queen from Montverde Academy, and reports suggest he had an excellent time. He might become a Jayhawk in the upcoming months, but I wouldn't count on it.

He is an underappreciated playmaker and among the purest shooters in his class. McNeeley has a great basketball IQ and is just as productive with or without the ball. His athleticism is limited.

McNeeley is regarded as an Indiana lean, much like Queen. In the 2024 class, McNeeley would be the first forward to commit, even though Kansas already has a commitment at center. Kevin McCullar should undoubtedly be given priority by the Kansas basketball coaching staff because he is scheduled to graduate after the 2023–24 season.

2. Jalil Bethea

Bethea is one of the guards in his class with the most skills. He can score well at all three levels, but he is especially good at scoring on the offensive end. He has the best score in the Class of 2024, in my view.

I recently said that Bethea was the guy who was most likely to sign with Kansas next. After his good visit to Lawrence last weekend, the chances of him becoming a Jayhawk are very high, unless something unexpected happens. People who know about the situation say that it went well and that his time with Bill Self was 'honest.'

If Kansas can get Jalil Bethea and Flory Bidunga to play guard and center together, it would be one of the most exciting recruiting classes the team has ever put together. But in the end, KU is a school that aims for the stars, and this generational prospect on the next slide is the player the Jayhawks are most excited about.

1. Cooper Flagg

There will be a lot of attention paid to Flagg when he considers your school and for good cause. The recruit from Maine is the most talked about high school prospect in more than ten years.

Flagg is able to perform nearly any task on the floor. His jump shot is flawless, and he has incredible quickness and shot-blocking ability. According to people close to the matter, UConn is largely out of the running for his recruitment, leaving Duke, Kansas basketball, and UConn in the running.

those close to Duke say they have already taken Flagg under their wing, while those close to Kansas feel Bill Self is attempting one of his biggest-ever publicity stunts. Since his official visit will take place during Late Night in the Phog next month, it will take him a while to commit if he decides to become a Jayhawk. All other losses in the recruiting process will be insignificant if Flagg chooses to commit to Kansas. A vital player, that is.