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Oklahoma All-Blue Thread

I’m blue da ba dee da ba di

Oklahoma v Kansas Photo by Jay Biggerstaff/Getty Images

Time for another ALL BLUE THREAD!

Kansas just beat a top-10 opponent in football:

- For the first time since 2008 (Orange Bowl vs Virginia Tech)

- In conference play since 1995 (at Colorado)

- At home since since 1984 (Oklahoma)

This was just KU’s 10th win all-time against a top-10 team. Bonus trivia, Nebraska (1967), Texas A&M (1974), and UCLA (1978) also have the ignominious distinction of losing in Lawrence as an AP Top-10 ranked team, but Oklahoma (1984, 2023) just became the first school to do it twice.

So to celebrate, let’s do something we haven’t done in a while. It’s time for an all-blue thread. (I can’t believe management didn’t have one up already.)

THE RULES: You have to rec everything, regardless of content. Make sure every comment gets at least 3 recs. (Be smart.)