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Notebook: Kansas Mauls the Bye Week

You, Smithers? Oh, no, my dear friend. I have planned a far greater reward for you. When I pass on, you shall be buried alive with me.

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The Rock Chalkboard

In Hunter Dickinson, Kansas coach Bill Self may have met his perfect match - The Athletic
“The older you get in coaching, the more you get excited about new challenges and new things you can do offensively that maybe you haven’t done in the past,” Self told The Athletic earlier this month. “Hunter gives me a chance to explore my own personal ideas that can become more unique than what we’ve ever had in the past.”

With the NCAA investigation cloud gone, Bill Self hopes KU's recruiting will continue to trend up
After six years, the investigation into the KU basketball program from the NCAA and IARP came to a close last week. In the end, KU was forced to vacate 15 wins from the 2017-18 season that Silvio De Sousa played in because the IARP deemed him an ineligible player. Additionally, KU will serve three seasons of program in addition to previously announced self-imposed punishments, some of which revolved around recruiting.

Inside KU football's upcoming bye week
KU football is set to enter its sole bye week of the season this week. KU has been going nearly non-stop since the start of August and the beginning of preseason camp. Factor that into the seven-straight games to open the season and it’s been about 11 weeks of constant football for the Jayhawks. Now, they’ll be able to get a breather before a sprint to the finish over the final five weeks of the season.

College basketball preseason rankings: Kansas sits No. 2 in statistics website KenPom ratings
When the preseason Associated Press Top 25 poll comes out on Monday, media members are likely to follow 247Sports in naming the Jayhawks as the preseason No. 1 team. But according to the two most prominent advanced metrics websites, Kansas will start off one spot further down the totem pole.

Eraser Dust

Jim Jordan takes speaker vote to the House floor in bid to end GOP leadership vacuum | CNN Politics
Conservative Republican Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio is bringing the House back to the floor Tuesday to vote on whether he will succeed ousted Speaker Kevin McCarthy and finally end the chamber’s prolonged paralysis amid deep GOP divisions.

Taylor Swift Eras Tour Film Spurs Debate Over Singing, Dancing, Phones – The Hollywood Reporter
Among the arguments from those who appreciated the opportunity to interact with the film was the fact that Swift herself posted about the movie on Instagram in late August with a line in the caption that read, “Eras attire, friendship bracelets, singing and dancing encouraged.”

Citibank wins case after sacking banker over two-sandwich lunch claim - BBC News
Szabolcs Fekete had accused the bank of unfair dismissal after he was fired last year for gross misconduct.

Mr Fekete had initially claimed that he alone had consumed two sandwiches, two coffees and two pasta dishes during a business trip to Amsterdam.

But he later admitted that his partner had shared some meals.

Taylor Swift ‘Hot Ones’ Hopes Go Down in Flames – Billboard
In another post, First We Feast shares a new hint for the next guest — “The fourth match of my career was against a bear” — making it clear that Swift is not the one. “Oh so it’s not Taylor,” one fan commented on the post, while another shared the Tyra Banks meme where she shouts “I was rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!”

Weather Wise: Winter is coming... to Montana
Other long-range forecasts vary. The Farmer's Almanac is different for Montana and the Pacific Northwest with cold, average snow conditions. The old farmer's almanac predicts a winter wonderland with cold and snowy conditions across most of the country. Accuweather suggests warmer and drier for Montana and much of the north.

Democrats craft strategy to make GOP pay if Jim Jordan is speaker
In a memo to House Democrats, first shared with NBC News, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee urged party members and candidates to portray the entire GOP as beholden to radicals should Republicans hand him the speaker's gavel.

New Texas Roadhouse in Missoula looking for employees
MISSOULA — The soon-to-open Texas Roadhouse at the Southgate Mall is now hiring full-time and part-time employees.

Six Candidates Compete for Kalispell Council Seats - Flathead Beacon
In the municipality, three seats currently held by Kari Gabriel in Ward 1, Sam Nunnally in Ward 2, and Ryan Hunter in Ward 3 are open. Each councilor is seeking reelection.

Star Wars: Mace Windu, Jango Fett Land New Marvel Miniseries
At New York Comic Con 2023, Lucasfilm Publishing announced Star Wars: Mace Windu, which launches in January 2024 to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. The new Marvel limited series comes from writer Marc Bernardin and features cover art by Mateus Manhanini.

Senate rankings: The 5 seats most likely to flip | The Hill
Rosendale’s battles with McCarthy have not helped his fundraising. He posted a paltry $334,000 in the third quarter, a total dwarfed by both Tester, who raised more than $5 million, and Sheehy, who raised $2.8 million.

40% won’t tip at food trucks – but should you? | The Hill
Many people have decided tip creeping has gone too far and the line needs to be drawn somewhere. That line, according to a recent Forbes Advisor survey, is being drawn at food trucks.

A twist in Rocky the Rock Snake's story has results in 2 snakes in the Flathead
Madilynn Anderson and her grandmother Bilynda Jassman, started Rocky as a good will gesture to the community but the rock snake was stolen again.

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