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Kansas Avoids Major Penalties in IARP Case

The 6 year long case against KU wraps up

Kansas v Texas Photo by Chris Covatta/Getty Images

A case that began in 2017 was finalized this afternoon when the NCAA’s Independent Accountability Review Process (IARP) unveiled the penalties against the Kansas Jayhawk Men’s Basketball Program. They include:

  • A three year probation for the program
  • Level I violations against Bill Self were downgraded to Level III with no additional penalties
  • Level I violations against Curtis Townsend were downgraded to Level II and Level III
  • Wins from the 2017-2018 season in which Silvio De Sousa played will be vacated

This does mean that KU’s 2018 final four banner will be coming down.

With the conclusion of this case, the IARP will be disbanded by the NCAA.

Kansas fans have to feel good about this outcome which has been hanging over the program for 6 years. KU was one of only a few schools who did not fire any of their coaches as a result of the investigation.