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Notebook: Kansas Mauls Texas Tech

Mmm… Open-faced club sand wedge.

COLLEGE BASKETBALL: DEC 08 Women’s Kansas at Arizona

The Rock Chalkboard

Notebook: KU’s McCullar gets an earful from fans of his former team | Mobile
“I’m glad we came out with the W," McCullar said after the victory. "That was the main goal.”

Kansas women’s hoops guards shine in 77-59 rout of Texas Tech | Mobile
The Texas Tech women’s basketball team couldn’t handle Kansas seniors Zakiyah Franklin and Holly Kersgieter and No. 21 Kansas knocked off Texas Tech 77-59 Wednesday night at Allen Fieldhouse.

Eraser Dust

Republicans scramble to end impasse over McCarthy's imperiled speakership bid | CNN Politics
But even after proposing major concessions to his hardline opponents late Wednesday, it remains unclear if the California Republican will be able to lock in the 218 votes he needs to win the gavel, and patience is wearing thin among lawmakers as the fight drags on.

Kalispell Lawmaker Urges Congress to ‘Investigate Alternatives’ to Tribal Reservation System - Flathead Beacon
Morigeau’s remarks were in response to a measure by Sen. Keith Regier, R-Kalispell, a retired teacher and longtime state lawmaker who on Jan. 2 introduced a joint resolution aimed at investigating a system that has “produced the negative effects of drug abuse, alcoholism, domestic violence, welfare dependence, poverty, and substandard educational achievements, resulting in lack of opportunity for their future well-being and happiness,” according to the resolution, LC 1964.

Gov. Gianforte shares proposed budget in Kalispell
"Well, one of the things I hear as I travel is the concern with property taxes which is particularly acute in some of our quickly growing communities, and how do we deal with it? So because we were fiscally responsible, we have surplus, and one of the priorities in our budget is both income tax and property tax relief," Gianforte said.

Star Wars Just Added a New Tragedy to the Clone Wars Era | Den of Geek
While the Prequel Trilogy never visited Serenno in the films, The Clone Wars fans will know this place well. After all, it’s the home planet of Count Dooku, the Separatist leader and Sith lord first introduced in Attack of the Clones. Although Dooku’s backstory was never fully explored in the films, where he was played by the legendary Christopher Lee, several animated series, books, and comics have fleshed out who he was before the movies and where he came from. The Clone Wars, for example, was the first series to take us to Dooku’s home world and inside Castle Serenno, his seat of power during the Clone Wars.

Former Conservative Radio Host Dies in Ferndale House Fire - Flathead Beacon
At the height of Montana’s so-called “timber wars,” Stokes emerged as a controversial figure in the Flathead Valley for his criticism of environmentalists on his radio show and public displays like burning a green swastika on the station’s front lawn. His daily talk show, “The Edge,” reached listeners up to 100 miles away, while his wide-ranging rants received prominent national news coverage, earning him a dedicated base of followers.