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View from the Streets of Berkeley: Duke

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NCAA Football: Duke at Kansas Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s home game is bad timing for me personally. Of all the games this season, I wish this one was a road game. I made plans months ago to be in Berkeley for Cal’s parents/homecoming weekend. It is my middle child’s senior year and we have not missed a non-COVID parents weekend yet, and we are not missing her last one. Though I hate 11:00 am kickoffs normally, it works for me this weekend. I should be able to watch or follow most of the game on my phone. My tickets this week did get used. My oldest child, a faithful Jayhawk football fan, goes and brings three friends. She got a few pictures and videos at the game and I shared them below. So a little on-the-scene coverage is included.

Below I mix in some of my frustration trying to park on game day in Berkeley. Sorry if that is not interesting to you, but it was my experience during the game. Despite that frustration, Berkeley is a terrific place to visit, just not so much on a football Saturday if you are near campus. A quick plug for the city of Berkeley. I love it. I love the weather. I love the city. I know urban living is not for everyone. One of those people is my son. He loves visiting the beaches of the LA area, but man does he dislike the Bay Area, specifically the San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley area. He seems to be good with San Jose and Napa, but not the grittier feel of the other cities. Next week I will be at the Iowa State game. My tailgating crew will finally be together and the weather should be great.

This week, my recollection of the game as I roamed the streets of Berkeley follows enhanced by social media. I could not take notes in real-time as I normally do.


  • Love the mid-season game-specific hype video.
  • The Hill and stadium about 40 minutes prior to kickoff
KU v Duke 2022.09.24 On the Hill
Wynne Reddin
  • Not much pregame this week, the game starts at 9 am on the west coast.
  • We grab breakfast downstairs at the hotel restaurant and go back to the room to watch the beginning of the game.

First Quarter:

  • Kickoff is here:
  • Man, I hate the high camera angle of the main shot on TV. Is it always this high?
  • Driving the ball early. Let’s score first for once.
  • Like going for it on 4th and goal from so close.
  • Are we sure he did not get in? A higher profile game with more cameras and maybe that is a touchdown. How is there no view down the goal line?
  • Come on defense, you have 99 yards to work with.
  • Three and out, nice start defense.
  • It really is hard to tell who has the ball, Jalon or a running back.
  • Another good decision to go for it on 4th down. A punt is likely not very helpful.
  • Converted this time.
  • Jalon with a big run.
  • We scored first! Not stopped this time. Touchdown to Kardell.
  • Waving the wheat in the hotel room! 7-0.
  • Borcilla has not had many field goal opportunities, but he has been solid on PATs.
  • That is a good pass and catch for Duke. Cobee Bryant was right there. Just too good.
  • Damn 7-7.
  • Fumble, no!! Devin had no chance to get it back, he just put his hands on his head as he went down after he lost it.
  • Defense! Defense! Defense!
  • Defense gets it done.

Second Quarter:

  • Time to head out for the Cal pregame.
  • Now I am alternating between ESPN and CBS Sports apps. No live feed on my phone while driving.
  • KU touchdown, 73 yards to Hishaw?! That is a surprise. What happened?
  • Later I found out this happened:
  • Though I like this call better:
  • Either way, this is the truth:
  • Drop everyone at the first pregame spot. Now off to find a parking spot. If this is easy it will be more surprising than KU going 4-0 to start the season.
  • Parking in Berkeley is impossible on game day. Last year I ended up with a $165 parking ticket.
  • Held Duke to a field goal, nice.
  • Everywhere “No Parking on Game Day” or “3-hour limit”. Arrrggghh.
  • I see now another touchdown! 21-10.
  • I swear I am only looking at the apps when I am stopped at lights, signs, or parked temporarily.
  • Where do Cal fans park on game day? Are there enough Cal fans for parking to be an issue on game day?
  • The defense holds Duke to another field goal. I will take that. 21-13.
  • I am starting to get the feeling KU is a bit like the Kansas City Chiefs in recent years, you are not going to beat them kicking field goals. To beat them you need touchdowns (Except maybe the next day when the Chiefs lose to the Colts).
  • Halftime has arrived with the score 21-13, but still no sign of where people park for Cal games if you do not have reserved parking.


  • This goes without saying, but Berkeley, CA is not Lawrence, KS. For my immediate need, this means no one is selling spots in their yards, not in their driveways, not at fraternity houses, not at businesses closed on the weekend. There does not seem to be any kind of park-and-ride shuttle service either. There seems to be nowhere to park within a reasonable distance from anything related to the school unless you are already a resident of the area and have a reserved spot.
  • I am starting to think about taking the hit on another expensive parking ticket.

Third Quarter:

  • After a long delay, the defense seems to have held. Not sure what the app said happened.
  • I guess this happened:
  • Touchdown to Arnold. 36 yards. Nice strike for a nice lead. 28-13.
  • I figure out later there were only four total possessions in the third quarter. The shortest was KU’s touchdown drive. Drives of 10 plays (Duke), 4 plays(KU), 7 plays (Duke), and 10 plays (KU). That seemed like a quick third quarter.

Fourth Quarter:

  • The defense seems to be playing fine today. They have only given up one touchdown and two field goals so far.
  • Jalon can punt? He does so nicely in this case.
  • Well that sucks, Duke scores. 28-20.
  • At least we are up 8. Can be no worse than tied if Duke scores next.
  • Ok. I am parking in this 3-hour spot and will take the hit for the parking ticket.
  • Just paid for the spot and my wife calls to say there is a place to park down the street from where I dropped them off. I will try it. I only paid $7 for three hours and can come back if needed.
  • As I get to the lot, an elementary school selling parking for $20 on their playground and baseball field, Jalon scores again. This is all great news.
  • Up 15 again with less than 5 minutes to go, we have to win now, right?
  • Now that I am finally parked I can watch the game on my phone.
  • Yikes! Duke scores quickly. 35-27.
  • That is ok. We get the ball back and can run the clock. If Duke gets the ball back it will be with almost no time left.
  • Or maybe not, three and out, Duke gets the ball back.
  • On the plus side, nice pun by Vernon.
  • Duke has to go 95 yards to at best tie. OT is the worst result of this drive. Positive self-talk helps me cope with the stress of the moment.
  • 40 yards on the first play!
  • Potter with a 15-yard penalty! Come on, this is unbelievable!!!!!
  • I want to believe in the defense, but they are making it hard.
  • After giving up 13 points in the first 3 quarters they have given up 14 in the fourth and seem to be faltering again.
  • Ok, better. It is third down.
  • Short gain. Fourth down.
  • Here we go, we can win it here.
  • Victory formation (I can’t imbed a Youtube Short, and Youtube will not let me create this as a normal video, sorry)
  • YESSS! 4-0 Baby!!!!


  • Students take to the field to celebrate the 4-0 start to the season. No goal posts are lost.
KU v Duke 2022.09.24 Post Game: Students take to the field
Wynne Reddin
  • I get to the Cal pregame party just as the game ends.
  • How long did it take to park and walk to the party?
  • Everyone must be having fun, they think I have been gone for 30 minutes. I was gone for at least 90.
  • I learn later that another dad got a $220 parking ticket.