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Stock up, Stock Down: Post West Virginia

Heisman hype and a weird snake hybrid are factors this week

A Chinese stock investor checks his stoc... Photo credit should read STR/AFP via Getty Images

After each game, I give my opinion on the stock value of different aspects of the team, on and off the field. Is the stock rising, falling, or maybe not moving? Whether you agree or disagree, let me know where you see stock values for different aspects of the team. Wins tamp down the negatives, so I am still a bit bullish on this market.

Stock up:

Jalon Daniels: Through two weeks his QBR rating sits third in the country behind only Max Duggins of TCU and Caleb Williams of USC. If there was still doubt after week 1, you would have to be a real glass-half-empty person not to believe Jalon is the answer at QB for the Jayhawks going forward. He even got a mention for early season Heisman hype from Dennis Dodd following this week's performance.

Cobee (AKA Jacobee) Bryant: He sealed the victory by jumping the out route on the game's final play and is the second consecutive Jayhawk to be named Big 12 Defensive Player of the Week.

Rushing Attack: I am lumping in the offensive line with Jalon Daniels, Devin Neal, and Daniel Hishaw in this group. In week 1, West Virginia only allowed Pitt to rush for 76 net yards. KU, powered by this group, ran 36 times for a net of 200 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Wide Receivers: I continue to be proven wrong about this group. I thought they would be a weak spot on the team. This week, five wide receivers caught a pass, averaging over 10 yards per reception, including Quinten Skinner getting his first career touchdown.

Hawk Mamba: Is this the new best nickname on the team? The first time I heard Hanni say it I rolled my eyes, but it is going on me.

Offensive SP+ Ranking: One year ago after squeaking by South Dakota and losing to Coastal Carolina, Bill Connelly’s rating had the offense at 112. This week after beating Tennessee Tech and West Virginia, his rating has the offense at 67.

Jayhawk fans in WV: I was impressed with the number of KU fans at the game. Are there that many fans in Pittsburgh making the trip?

Bowl game hopes: Not sayin’, just sayin’ when was the last time there was even a tiny glimmer of hope after two games?

Stock down:

Defense Line: This could be the entire defense, but I will pick on the line specifically. Until overtime, the only memorable pressure on JT Daniels was by Lonnie Phelps and it was wiped out by a face mask penalty against him.

Heart Health: I don’t know about you, but this game was killing me with highs and lows

Fourth down in the fourth quarter: When a first down probably ends the game and failing to get it ends with the same OT situation, going for it from your own 40 is a risky but correct decision. Lance went with the conservative call to punt. He escaped with the win despite that call.

Stock neutral:

Kickers: Jacob Borcilla was solid on his 7 PATs this week, but we have not really been able to evaluate his place kicking outside of PATs this season. After getting no punting opportunities in week 1, Ries Vernon got three attempts this week. It is a limited sample but his average of 43 yards is up from last year’s 40 yards per punt.

Defensive SP+ Ranking: Last year after week 2, the defensive SP+ ranking was 110. This year after week 2, the defensive rating is 103.