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View from the Recliner: West Virginia

Country roads, take me home, To the place I belong ..... Kansas

NCAA Football: Kansas at West Virginia Ben Queen-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike last week, I have no traffic issues on the way to the game today. Just a run to Costco for supplies and to the car wash. I go out in the middle of the Alabama-Texas game. I am back to see the ending. I find I have competing emotions as the game comes to a close. I am happy to see Texas lose, but agonize at seeing Alabama win again. After that game ends it is channel surfing time until the Jayhawks start.

As the game approaches, I start to worry that despite my optimism early in the week, KU has no chance to beat WV. I counter this negative feeling with the idea that this feeling is just that of a beaten-down KU football fan with PTSD.

What follows are my notes taken during the game with a few social media enhancements tossed in.

First Quarter:

  • Glad we kick off, I like getting the ball first in the second half.
  • That didn’t take long. I haven’t even gotten a beer yet. Down 7-0.
  • Puni is starting at Left Guard. Did he start last week? Not sure but CMU transfer has come on strong.
  • Referees getting early TV time. Kevin Mar and his crew are the worst!
  • First punt of the season. Hope the defense is better this time.
  • Beer in hand and man I need it. Down 14-0 quick.

  • How are the “fighting John Denvers” beating us like this?!?!?!
  • You need 6 feet, go to Jared Casey. He is good for 8 feet.

Second Quarter:

  • Man, it feels like the first quarter went quick. It was done in under 40 minutes.
  • Touchdown Mason Fairchild!! Defense needs to step up.
  • Uuhhhggg. Defense, you have got to do better!!!!
  • Can the offense keep up until the defense figures it out? Will they figure it out?
  • The quick set formation works for a nice gain. The first time that has happened in 1+ seasons.
  • Stay in bounds Jalon!! Ohh, can’t manage it, out at 6.
  • Devin TD!!!
  • Can the D figure it out?
  • Lonnie what a play. But a face mask. I guess Lonnie being held didn’t count!
  • Back-to-back face mask penalties!! Nothing ever goes right with this officiating crew.
  • As someone who follows USC closely. Hearing the dreadful ESPN+ announcing crew praise Gramah Harrell’s simple offense makes me laugh until I almost cry.
  • Penalties kill the defense and the Mountaineers scores again.
  • Can KU do the Patriot halftime bookend touchdown bit to catch up?
  • Jared Casey!!
  • Devin again for TD. Jayhawks get the first bookend score.
  • My son is home from work, and the debate about dinner begins. I can’t eat, and after the game, I cannot recall what the dinner decision was.


  • Pitt loses in OT. Apparently, Kedon Slovis was dumped on his head in the second quarter and Pitt has spiraled down from there. Ouch.
  • USC-Stanford starts and USC scores quick after an interception, good start there.

Third Quarter:

  • Can the Hawks get the TD coming out of halftime?
  • Big 3rd down.
  • Got the first down.
  • Did Skinner drop that pass? Snap the ball!!!
  • Touchdown Hishaw.
  • They got the bookends for the tie, we are back in this.
  • I really hate the KU commercial with the Rock Calk chat. As my kids put it “It is very cringe”
  • Can the D hold on 3rd down? Nope.
  • At least WV is not going right down the field.
  • Finally, the defense gets a hold on 3rd down, and WV is punting!!
  • My attention is split at the moment. USC game is on the iPad and I am getting notifications for it on my phone while I watch KU on the TV.
  • Muffed punt, and we get a break and a turnover!!!
  • I understand why WV is upset, isn’t there a penalty for getting too close to the punt returner? Skinner just missed him.
  • USC 14-0.
  • Hishaw No!!!!!! Yes!!!!!! Disaster avoided.
  • Devin TD!!!!!!!!!!
  • And we get to the 4th with the lead. Yes.
  • Can KU get another victory? A road, conference win nonetheless.

Fourth Quarter:

  • Can the defense continue to slow down WV?
  • Oh. That should have been an interception.
  • WV receiver plays DB. Defense holds for FG.
  • The defense is not great, but they are slowing the Mountaineers down some now.
  • Touchdown now probably wins the game.
  • Woooooo!!! Hishaw TD!!!! Does that win it? Almost 11:00 minutes left.
  • Yes. Penalty forces FG.
  • I can no longer sit still.
  • Come on Hawks. Don’t choke now.
  • Stanford scores. USC 28-14.
  • Do you go for it on 4th? The family votes ‘yes’.
  • We punt and need a stop for the win.
  • Tip ball completion, uhhhgg!!!!
  • Damn it. The game is tied.
  • Curiously the above clip is the last from @WVUFootball for the night.


  • Yikes. We didn’t need this. I am not sure how we win this in overtime with a defense that is having a lot of trouble stopping WV.
  • My wife can’t watch it. She leaves the room.
  • Too nervous, and not taking many notes at the moment.
  • Roughing Mountaineers, thank you!
  • Quinten Skinner TD. At least we force WV to make a decision when they score
  • Totally lost track of USC but they are at halftime.
  • Did we win?!?!?! NO!!!!!!! Reversed, his arm was going forward, but only because we hit him, not because he was intending to throw it.
  • Jacobee!!!!!!!!!!! Winner. A lot of yelling, screaming, and jumping up and down in my house, mainly from me.
  • I was a big Titanic fan when it came out, I must admit. So the above makes me laugh.


  • Faithful KU football fan, my eldest daughter’s parting thought on the game, “Country roads can take us home tonight”.
  • I did not know Jacobee Bryant is going by Cobee, and Hanni drops the “Hawk Mamba” nickname in his call of the final play.
  • Houston looking beatable, maybe we can cover the over on the season win total next week.
  • 2-0 overall, 1-0 in the conference and first place, let’s enjoy it while it lasts
  • Now on to the USC-Stanford game.
  • Is Nebraska gonna lose to Georgia Southern?

Full game highlights: