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Notebook: Defending National Champions Prepare for Next Season

Well, hot dog! We have a wiener!

Botanical Gardens At Cuernavaca, Mexico Photo credit should read Carlos Tischler / Eyepix Group/Future Publishing via Getty Images

The Rock Chalkboard

Gradey Dick on officially joining KU basketball: 'It was a long time coming'
TOPEKA — Gradey Dick had been eyeing move in day in Lawrence for some time. The Kansas native grew up watching KU basketball games and the KU coaching staff started to recruit him even before he made the move to Sunrise Christian in Wichita. This past weekend, he officially became a part of the KU roster when he and his family unpacked his things in McCarthy Hall.

KJ Adams never considered transferring from KU, 'anxious' to begin sophomore season
"I feel like everybody's a little anxious, everybody's anxious for the next thing,” Adams said. “You have all the new freshmen coming like Gradey Dick, coming in a locker room with all his energy just ready for the next thing. So I think it's good that we have something else to focus on and just dwell on the national championship even though we're really happy about it."

Eraser Dust

Jan. 6 Committee Can’t Convict Donald Trump — but It Could Help Bankrupt Him
“What the committee can't do is hold people accountable. But that’s where criminal prosecutions and civil litigation comes in,” said Edward G. Caspar, an attorney representing injured and traumatized Capitol Police officers who are suing Trump after the violence insurrection.

Gun Restriction Bill Passes House With Help of Republicans
The legislation creates new federal offenses for selling or manufacturing large-capacity magazines and using "straw" purchasers for gun trafficking. So-called "bump stocks," devices used to make semiautomatic rifles fire in rapid succession, would be banned by the legislation. Also banned would be "ghost guns," firearms assembled at home that law enforcement have difficulty tracking.

While the bill stops short of banning semiautomatic rifles called for by gun control advocates, it raises the age of purchase to 21. Proponents of the provision have cited that gunmen in recent mass shootings were under the age of 21. The bill also creates penalties for gunowners who don't use proper storage or safety devices to keep firearms out of the hands of minors.

US man charged with attempted murder of Justice Brett Kavanaugh - BBC News
Nicholas John Roske, 26, had planned to murder a Supreme Court justice and was armed with a pistol and tactical knife, court documents said.

Fallon holds razor-thin lead over Holmquist | Daily Inter Lake
Jack Fallon holds a razor-thin lead over incumbent Pam Holmquist in the GOP nomination for the sole Flathead County Commission seat up for grabs this year.

With absentee and Election Day ballots counted, Fallon’s total came in at 7,405. Holmquist had 7,401 votes on Wednesday.

Columbia Falls Teen Dies in Glacier Park Climbing Accident - Flathead Beacon
A 19-year-old Columbia Falls man died yesterday following a climbing accident on Mount Brown in Glacier National Park, according to a Wednesday afternoon press release from the National Park Service.

European Central Bank confirms July rate hike plans, raises inflation projections
The European Central Bank on Thursday confirmed its intention to hike interest rates at its policy meeting next month and downgraded its growth forecasts.

Jurassic World Dominion Review - IGN
Nostalgia has become such a common device that it could basically be media currency at this point, but there are some movies where it just works. Jurassic World Dominion is one such flick, combining this generation’s heroes with those of the ‘90s with a surprising amount of success. Now, Dominion is far from a perfect movie. But how low of a rating can you really give to a film that had you grinning from ear to ear from start to finish?

NBA Finals Game 3: Steph Curry injured in 116-100 Golden State Warriors loss to Boston Celtics | CNN
“We need him if we want to win this thing,” Curry’s fellow Splash Brother Klay Thompson said. “I know Steph is going to do everything he can in his power to play. I am really hoping he’s OK because he’s our identity, and without him, it will be very difficult.”

Gymnasts sue FBI for $1 billion over mishandling of Larry Nassar case - The Washington Post
A group of more than 90 women, including Olympic gymnasts Simone Biles and Aly Raisman, is seeking $1 billion from the FBI over its mishandling of sexual abuse allegations against former team doctor Larry Nassar.

Local Abortion Providers Shift into New Reality - Flathead Beacon
“I think there’s so much confusion about whether abortion is still legal in Montana,” Weems said. “What gets coverage is the Supreme Court leak, but many don’t understand the nuances of the laws recently signed by the governor … It creates fear. There are a lot of calls from people who are scared that they might be forced to have a baby when they know it’s not the right time.”