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Jalen Wilson is Back!

Kevin McCullar, Jr is coming too

2022 G League Elite Camp - Portraits Photo by Randy Belice/NBAE via Getty Images

With the retaining of your own players at a premium in college sports, Bill Self was able to keep one of the key pieces from KU’s championship run. Jalen Wilson removed his name from the NBA draft.

Self’s statement about the news, “Our team got a lot better today”.

Following the news of Jalen’s return, came the news Kevin McCullar, Jr. was taking his name out of the draft and transferring to KU, taking the last scholarship roster spot for next season. Bill Self saw his team get even better and brought one of his main conference competitors down a notch.

Look at the recruiting class coming in:

Could this recruiting class go down as Bill Self’s best? I do not know, but if you add Jalen Wilson, who had one foot out the door, the argument could be made it is. What I know is with this roster the team should be ready to make another run next spring.