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Jayhawk Playoff Watch: Sixers Closed Out in Six

Injures take toll on Embiid and Sixers’ championship hopes.

Miami Heat v Philadelphia 76ers - Game Four Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

Watching Joel Embiid play during the second quarter of game six was painful. He looked like a friend of mine before his knee replacement. Each step was unsure and there was always a threat of falling. Though his known injuries are to his face and hand, he seemed to be struggling to make his legs carry him up and down the court. I remember what an Embiid injury late in the season did to KU’s championship hopes in 2014, and I have seen his injuries late in this season do the same to the 76ers chances this season. Could his team can make a deeper run in the playoffs? Can he win the MVP? Maybe next season fortune will shine more brightly on Joel.

P.S.: Markieff Morris is on the Heat roster, but he has logged 0 points, 1 rebound, and 1 turnover in 3 minutes of action in 1 game this postseason. Until his minutes significantly increase, recaps of the Miami Heat Conference Final series will be negligible.